Becoming Victorious Over Oneself – Part 2

by Dr. Joon Ho Seuk

A few weeks ago we posted Dr. Seuk’s testimony about how his family responded when first his mother, Mrs. Won Pok Choi, and then he joined True Parents’ movement. Dr. Seuk has overcome many challenges in his years of service to God’s providence. This story is his honest testimony of how he met his limitations while on a hunting trip with Hyo Jin Nim (see also Part 1), and his testimony to Hyo Jin Nim and Heung Jin Nim’s youthful heart of devotion to God and True Parents.

From a sermon given at Belvedere, USA, on October 4, 1987

Part 2 (Part 1 was posted last week)

[Dr. Seuk is temporarily lost in the Alaskan wilderness:]

I began to sing more boldly, especially since no one could hear me! After about two hours of singing, a life record for me, I heard someone coming, and I immediately became shy. It was Hyo Jin Nim! He said, “Without hearing your beautiful singing, I wouldn’t have been able to find you in this darkness.” For the first time in my life my singing was appreciated!

Not just a hunting trip

We came back down the mountain together. I stumbled and slipped many times on the way down. The next morning Hyo Jin Nim wanted to start right out again. I almost told him, “I can’t go. I think I hurt my back carrying the water yesterday.” Then I thought, “This is not just a hunting trip. This is spiritual training. God is trying to teach me to have the heart of attendance under any circumstances.” So I couldn’t complain. Out of compassion, Hyo Jin Nim gave me only the sandwiches to carry instead of the water.

At the top of the mountain, again I found myself alone, feeling lost. When it finally started to get dark, I began looking around anxiously for Hyo Jin Nim to come. I saw something corning toward me, but it wasn’t a human being. It was a bear! I reached to pull my gun, but then realized I had left it behind because it was so heavy! I had just wanted to attend Hyo Jin Nim and carry the sandwiches!

The bear looked at me, and I looked at him. We were like two animals watching each other. He looked fierce, and I was a little scared, although I tried not to show it. After all, I’m the leader of CARP. Then I prayed my most fervent wish in that moment, “Please, bear, don’t feel hungry!” The bear and I kept staring at each other. Then he began walking around and around, but he didn’t approach me. I thought, “He must feel some spiritual power!” After 30 minutes of agonizing suspense, the bear started moving away from me, little by little. Within another 30 minutes he had disappeared over the side of the hill. Soon afterwards Hyo Jin Nim found me, and I told him all about the bear. We came down the mountain together, but we didn’t see the bear again.

During these three days Hyo Jin Nim caught two beautiful deer. We made a trophy of one of the heads. The other deer was brought back to East Garden and was served with the meal for all the guests who came for a True Family birthday celebration on September 1. The next day we flew back to New York.

Taking Father’s burden

About two weeks later Hyo Jin Nim and I attended the West Coast CARP workshop. All the members were inspired by Hyo Jin Nim’s speech, particularly the new members. Three new members who had been planning to leave each made a deep commitment to God and True Parents after listening to Hyo Jin Nim. On the way back to the airport Hyo Jin Nim suddenly told me, “We must go to Death Valley” We flew to Las Vegas and then rented a car to drive out to Death Valley, which is the lowest, driest, and hottest spot in the Western Hemisphere-282 feet below sea level. It is actually a huge dried-up lake bed, miles and miles wide. Hyo Jin Nim, along with myself and a few others, began to walk straight across this vast salt-covered lake bed. After an hour and a half of walking, we were still far from the other side. Finally, Hyo Jin Nim stopped and began to pray in Korean. I had never heard him offer a prayer of such deep and profound personal commitment.

He said, in essence, “The reason I came to Death Valley is because it’s the symbol of death, the symbol of the lowest place in Satan’s world, and I am determined to conquer evil. I am determined to conquer the worst problems of the world-the problems of the Mafia, immorality, drug trafficking, atheistic communism, secular humanism, everything. I want to take the burden away from God and True Parents. I want to bring a victory for them, so they can take a rest. They have already suffered more than enough. They deserve much more than they have right now. They paid the indemnity for us-for all mankind so now the time has come when I must fulfill my responsibility, inherit Father’s mission, and take Father’s burden as my own.”

I felt how happy God and True Parents must be to receive that pledge of total commitment from Hyo Jin Nim. In repentance, I resolved to try to match his determination and to renew my effort to be a filial son of whom God and True Parents can be proud.

Several days later, Hyo Jin Nim traveled to the East Coast for a CARP workshop in Pennsylvania. Afterwards we drove to Valley Forge, the place where the American Revolutionary soldiers were camped during the bitterly cold winter of 1777-78. There Hyo Jin Nim prayed, “Our determination should be greater than that of the American soldiers who fought for national independence. We were called by God directly and personally to be champions for world and cosmic independence. Those in the spirit world who suffered so bravely at Valley Forge, please help us.”

Through his prayer, I again felt how we too must be determined to be champions for independence on a cosmic level. Many of us may go to Korea in the future. You don’t know either the culture or the language. You may one day find yourself in the remote Korean countryside, with poor accommodations, no bathrooms, and no hamburgers, only kimchee and rice! If you don’t have a strong determination to overcome all difficulties and hardships, you cannot bring victory in Korea. You should have a pioneering spirit, like the Pilgrim Fathers who founded this country. Those who remain in America should make 10 times more effort to compensate for those who left for Korea. Then we can fulfill our portion of responsibility and truly become victorious people. [Editor’s note: True Parents mobilized

Recently a new guest who had just finished a two-day Principle workshop saw the video of Hyo Jin Nim’s march and speech at the Berlin Wall, and said, “Now I understand those lectures. Hyo Jin Nim must be the Messiah!” When I reported this to Father, Father was so happy. He said, laughing, “Yes, that’s true. Hyo Jin Nim is the Messiah for the younger generation.”

Father was also so proud of Heung Jin Nim, an exemplary son who sacrificed his life for the sake of all humankind. I feel Father hopes we will follow the pattern and example of Heung Jin Nim and Hyo Jin Nim and be filial sons and daughters of God and True Parents. Our younger generation can identify with them because they were young, like them. They can use their example, follow them and strive to be like them.

Today, we must make a new determination to become victorious individually. As Father said in his speech, “Let us become true men and women, victorious people of whom God can be proud.” Then we can bring heavenly victory, total victory, for God and True Parents./

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