Zimbabwe: Divine Principle Workshop for Bishops and Pastors

By Callisto Mushati, FFWPU Zimbabwe

The Heavenly Tribal Messiah department with the department of education organized 7 days Divine Principle Workshop for Bishops and Pastors, to educate them to about True Parents’ mission, vision and activities.

The workshop was held at POSCO Training Centre in Chitungwiza which is 25 kilometres away from the Harare CBD, from February 23, to March 1, 2020.

The workshop was attended by 47 bishops and pastors from different denominations and coming from 7 major provinces around the country.

In line with True Mothers’ vision for national restoration, it is a time that we should educate these bishops and pastors, for them to implement True Parents’ activities, as they are the leaders who leads huge congregations in their respective denominations.

From this workshop they could learn about the restoration of families through the blessing, to live a fidelity life as husband and wife, pure love for young generation and to maintain sexual purity. We want to make sure that the seeds True Mother planted in Zimbabwe can bear fruits for Heavenly Parent and True Parents.

They also participated in practical lessons of humbleness as Bishops and Pastors, when they did perform their given duties such as washing dishes, cleaning toilets and cleaning the environment regardless of their gender. Through this workshop Bishops and Pastors came to realize their role in the Providence of Zimbabwe and they are willing to work as part of Family Federation for World Peace and Unification in spreading the real truth which was given to TRUE FATHER by JESUS on 17th of April 1935.

The most interesting part is that all these Bishops and Pastors are willing to go further in the study of The Divine Principle, which is 21days course, since they have understood that Rev Sun Myung Moon is the Messiah and they have a task to do, which is to restore Zimbabwe.

Finally, they were all rewarded by the certificates during their graduation ceremony. See the attached photos.

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  1. Georges says:

    Good job to Zambia’s church.

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