USA: We Are Children of True Parents

Prepared by FFWPU USA

The following is an unofficial transcription of Regional Chairman of Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU) North America Dr. Ki Hoon Kim’s message given at the live streamed National Sunday Service on March 23, 2020.

Last Wednesday, before I joined the National Prayer Call, True Mother called me and shared her concern over this pandemic and how it’s affecting America more than any other place, and True Mother is very concerned, more so than my concern over True Mother’s health! I could hear True Mother’s voice was very bright, and through her voice I could imagine True Mother’s beautiful face in my mind. True Mother asked about every family, how they are doing and how we will overcome this crisis. She is very clear that when we come together and unite together, as we shared in today’s Hoon Dok Hwe, we can bring about a great victory.

Today’s Godible says without the Holy Spirit we cannot get new life. Pay special attention to the second paragraph. True Father shares how important Christian teaching is that without the Holy Spirit we cannot be born anew. This is a True Father’s message. With love, True Mother’s spirit uplifts and embraces Jesus, who is the spiritual father. The Holy Spirit yearns for Jesus and the energy that flows from the power of her love for him is something you can experience. For example, when True Mother called, I didn’t expect True Mother’s voice, but as is mentioned here in True Father’s message, you can experience the Holy Spirit like a fire entering you. So, when I heard True Mother’s voice, it was more like a huge flame entered my whole body and my whole body filled with the Holy Spirit.

First, True Mother is concerned about this situation and is wondering how our family members are doing. I really felt that True Mother’s love is beyond just a mother’s love. She asks that we please be careful shaking hands and please be careful when you meet with people. Also, please follow any official guidelines from your local government. There were many other things True Mother directed us to do and not to do and asked that we never forget about asking every family member and other families if there are any people infected. True Mother wanted to know and I told her not to worry because we have nobody yet. True Mother continued and asked about all the pastors, about Bishop Noel Jones, and she never forgets to ask how these pastors’ conditions are and who they are ministering and pastoring even though all church doors are now closed. True Mother said, regardless of the situation, please encourage all our family members and pastors to come together. When we come together centering on True Mother we will overcome this crisis with Hoon Dok Hwe, and with the prayer conditions—right now, in Korea and Japan, everybody is reading True Mother’s autobiography, Mother of Peace, as a condition. This is really awakening them and giving them a rebirth experience.

We received all this consideration from True Mother and I was crying and crying again. I shared True Mother’s call and her message to many leaders and many family members and they were also crying and crying about the True Mother’s incredible love for them, which they could feel, even though we are at a great distance from her.

True Mother’s health is, I believe, perfect, like Rev. Demian Dunkley’s high spirit—she has high spirits and I can feel her smiling back to me and her voice, more than I’ve ever heard before, is beautiful and God-centered for the sake of all humankind and American family members. This is True Mother’s spirit, a very high spirit, and she is still guiding us on how to overcome all kinds of difficulties.

I never miss giving a weekly report and giving a greeting to True Mother from the American family members and reporting on all our activities, especially with second-generation—GPA and CARP members— and their testimonies from their mission nation and sometimes from around the world. When I do this, True Mother shares, “When I hear your voice, I am very relieved and happy even though you only send a report once a week, but in these circumstances, I like to hear about the family members and how they are doing in America.” I committed myself to share even a short report every day with True Mother about how everyone is doing even though we have to resort to an online service, even though we are very limited now more than before. We never had this kind of experience. Many people are wondering how we can overcome this when we’ve never been through this kind of crisis. But True Mother is very clear:

When we come together, and we pray together, we embrace together, and we care together, yes, we will overcome.

For the last few days, I’ve been reading True Mother’s messages over and over again and reading Hoon Dok Hwe. Last night I stumbled on an article online titled “Where is God?” It talked about why God made this kind of human suffering. So, I prayed about this.

I received some inspiration: I made you to resemble God, I gave you three great blessings: to perfect yourself, perfect your family and perfect all nature I created. Therefore, if I am not omniscient and omnipotent, I cannot say you are omniscient, omnipotent. We are God’s second-God and this is an incredible inspiration I received and so we need to be humble. Even though we are going through this kind of crisis, we can be proud that America is a first-class country advanced in all technology and medical supplies, and still, more than ever, everybody is panicking over this crisis. Please, let us stand up with True Parents’ message: When we come together, and when we embrace together, then yes, we can overcome everything.

I feel it more than before that our family members are close to each other and I feel like we have a deep relationship. Even though we are not face-to-face, there are more people joining in our weekly prayer condition, there are more people joining our TribeNet program and more people joining Monday’s YAYAM leader’s conference call and ACLC conference call because everybody is concerned. So as True Mother said, when we come together we can participate in the spirit of Heavenly Parent and in the spirit of our True Parents, this is how we can overcome all our current circumstances and sufferings.

When and how can we join in this victory that True Father and True Mother have already proclaimed? Uniting with them is the best way we can join in the happiness of our True Parents’ victorious foundation, God’s victorious foundation. Rev. Dunkley and I really tried to unite with True Parents and with brothers and sisters around the nation and we will overcome and claim victory for True Parents and Heavenly Parent.In the early days when we met the 36 Blessed Couples, we thought they were gods! We had a very strong bond and a sense of unity and together we would unite with True Parents.

This is True Parents’ tradition: What is the best way to unite together? Respect others. This is very simple. We can unite as one spirit.

When I see True Mother I really feel like she is the mother of mothers. I think many people have had the same experience. When you think about the True Father and True Mother Many not only believe, they also feel they have a real relationship with True Father and True Mother as our father and our mother. This is really what it means to be blessed, to call ourselves blessed central families because we are all blessed by one central parent. This is why we say we are one family under God. Think about it. They really are the representatives of God, the true Adam and true Eve. We are the offspring of one blood lineage not contaminated by evil or secular norms. This is a blessing we will never truly express appreciation for, nor will we fully understand the value of being a blessed true family.

We are children of True Parents.

When Mother called, she said now is the time you can clarify the truth from the false. We heard seven years ago, True Mother with the Holy Spirit and truth, I would like that we build our family church and unification church. But first, with the Holy Spirit and truth, liberate God. Not just humankind, but God and all blessed central families.

In my life of faith I practice absolute unity with True Parents. This is the only way. We heard True Mother say it many times that there is no option besides unifying with True Parents if we want to save people, save nations and save the world.

Think about it. I have very limited ideas. Sometimes humans have a very narrow way of thinking. Whenever I hear from True Father and True Mother, whenever I am doing Hoon Dok Hwe, my heart and my mind say, their message is really huge and wide and deep. This is my life of faith, whatever True Father and True Mother share with us. I can have total unity, and with that unity, I feel like I can jump into True Parents’ heart and True Parents’ love.

As mentioned earlier, unity has to happen not just between you [Demian] and me, but also between all headquarters’ staff, subregional leaders, pastors and state leaders and all family members around the nation. Last year we welcomed True Mother to Los Angeles, Las Vegas and the Prudential Center. That’s three times.

True Mother proclaimed victory after the December 28 Prudential Center rally and World Clergy Leadership Conference Inauguration. This is all on the foundation American families laid down so that True Mother could claim victory at Foundation Day 2020 centering on Heavenly Parent and True Parents for the settlement and establishment of Cheon Il Guk. This is the incredible foundation we laid down and participated in True Mother’s great victorious foundation and now, True Mother is able to launch the next seven year course to 2027.

Please come together and unify in spirit with True Mother, without skepticism I am sure we can have another great victory in the next seven years, but only if we come together, unite together, even amidst this physical attack on humankind. Let us come together spiritually and overcome this crisis and bring great hope for this country and the people of America and for people around the world centering on True Mother. Thank you.

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