USA: Indiana Hosts Divine Principle Workshop

Prepared by FFWPU USA

The Indianapolis Family Church held a Divine Principle workshop on Saturday, February 29 for 21 people, including four guests.

Lectures were given by Dr. David Carlson, director of the American Clergy Leadership Conference (ACLC) Indiana; Eric Roschuni, Indianapolis Family Church councilmember; and Jack Harford, pastor of the Indianapolis Family Church. Newly-appointed Indiana Education Director Virginia Mouton organized the one-day event and local Unificationist Bill Stoner served as emcee. The Indianapolis Family Church Women’s Choir’s performance set a loving and peaceful atmosphere.

“Coming to this workshop opened my eyes,” shared a local young Unificationist. “I have been absent here in the Indianapolis community, but the summary of the Divine Principle today lit a fire in me to study on my own.”

Many participants expressed their determination to bring even more guests to the next workshop, also sharing their wish for these seminars to become a monthly occurrence. “Guests were moved by the logic and love expressed through the Divine Principle teachings,” said Pastor Harford. “We are looking forward to continuous growth and development in our ability to convey the Divine Principle and its application to daily life.”

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