Updates from Eastern Europe Subregion

By Jack Corley, FFWPU Eastern Europe

Following the victorious completion of World Summit 2020 and the CheonBo events in Korea, our brothers and sisters of Eastern Europe began the new Cheon Il Guk year with a spirit of hope and optimism. Everyone was inspired by the level of attendance at the summit and the extraordinary preparations and welcome in Korea. We also were amazed by how close we came to having everything canceled due to the coronavirus.

All the events in Korea were the culmination and the fruits of True Mother’s seven-year course since the passing of our True Father. True Mother has spoken many times about saving all the 7.6 billion people on the earth. With 170 nations represented in the Korean events, we could say that True Mother shared her love and blessing with the whole world and all the countries and populations that the participants represented.

As a follow-up to the Vision 2020 events, we in the Eastern Europe subregion began preparations for a successful 2020 and adjusted our vision toward 2027. The following report highlights some of the activities that have taken place, with that goal in mind.

From 7 to 11 March, our regional headquarters in Moscow was the site of five consecutive days of meetings. There was a one-day meeting for Russian National Council, a one day meeting with Russian and Belarusian leaders, a one-day FFWPU-Russia Heavenly Tribal Messiah workshop for VIPs, a two-day assembly of blessed families of Russia, and a one-day workshop of Moscow CARP.

In other countries in our region, the European STF team worked busily in Moldova, reaching out and witnessing and also appearing on a very positive TV broadcast.

In our Strategic Nation of Albania, outreach continued to the VIPs who attended the programs in Korea. With the support of Dr. Katsumi Otsuka, Gani Rroshi is consolidating UPF work in Albania and nearby Balkan states.

The newly appointed FFWPU-Albania leader, Manjola Vasmatics, visited communities around the country to encourage and guide the youthful movement to expand and develop witnessing and education.

I myself visited Riga, Latvia, in late February to conduct a Baltic nations leaders meeting for the national leaders of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

During March, in honor of International Women’s Day, WFWP chapters organized special events in celebration of women.

Also during March, we confirmed the appointment of new national leaders in three countries—in Russia, Alexei and Olga Saveliev; in Albania, Manjola and Gabor Vasmatics; and in Latvia, Janis and Kermena Vjaters.

Ukraine was doing outreach through its one-year leadership training program and also was in the midst of a 21-day workshop in Poland when the participants had to return home due to the coronavirus. Likewise, the participants of the one-year ILTP program organized by the regional headquarters had to shorten their visit to Thailand and Cambodia and return home, due to the virus.

The biggest challenge we now face is the onslaught of the coronavirus. This was something we had not expected or planned for, and as a result, has forced many changes in our lifestyle and activities for the foreseeable future.

My personal view is that we are in a time similar to the Passover time in ancient Egypt, when the Jewish people who painted their doorpost with lambs’ blood were spared by the Angel of Death and then could make their dramatic march through the Red Sea to the land of Canaan. I feel that the whole world is going through a Passover just prior to moving toward Cheon Il Guk.

The financial and logistical challenges that this pandemic poses will be a test for all of us. But I feel that with God, True Parents, and our knowledge of the Principle, we can turn this situation into an advantage for Heaven.

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