UK: Divine Principle Seminar for Clergy

By June Darby, FFWPU UK

February 23: This, the last in the current series of Divine Principle seminars for clergy was well-supported by brothers and sisters – it makes a great difference – and most ably led by Pastor Daniel Fenuga (seated front left) who did a great job. Pastor Ayani, next to him, gave a powerful testimony as the rightness of True Parents work and the power of the Principle.

February 18: It was a damp, windy, dark night on 18th Feb 2020 when we held our Seminar introducing the Principles of Creation, but there was a bright, uplifting spirit inside.

Rev Dr. David Hanna showed a short video of UPF activities that showed the impressive breadth and scope of the work done by the UPF in working to realize Rev and Mrs Moon’s vision for world peace through reaching out to the different areas of life, from Government Presidents, Faith Leaders, Academics, the Media, Women ‘s and Youth Organizations.

Rev Hanna gave an excellent lecture on the Principles of Creation and Rev Isaac Ayani gave a very thought provoking introduction to the Origin of sin.

We had some distinguished guests, namely Rev Rufus Thomas who is the Liaison Officer of Europe for the Christ Apostolic Church, equivalent to the Assistant Continental Director, as well as Rev Ayani who was recently appointed as the Deputy Secretary of Europe for the CAChurch. This Pentecostal Church is now 100 years old and has millions of followers worldwide.

We began with a stirring hymn accompanied by Rev Hanna on the piano and ended with a powerful testimony and strong unison prayer led by Rev Daniel Fenuga. I am always grateful to the sisters who support us.

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