UK: BCLC Seminar

By June Darby, FFWPU UK

The day of our Seminar to Introduce the Divine Principle to new Pastors was a very significant numbers day – 03 03 2020, making it a special day; and it was the most vibrant of all our sessions to date. Rev Dr David Hanna gave an inspiring lecture on The Principles of Creation and Rev Isaac Ayani gave a heartfelt, powerful introduction to The Fall. Russell Gough ‘s encouraging comments and spirited guitar playing lifted the atmosphere as we sang songs of joyful praise. And our MC, Rev Daniel Fenuga, was an inspiration as he led us 3 times dynamically in song and prayer – for personal needs and protection; for spiritual renewal and for Mother Moon’s health.

One member told me that despite her tiredness after a long day she was so glad that she had come as she felt really revived and uplifted by the high spirit. Evangelist Rosaleen and Evangelist Blessed sang some stirring songs that had everyone clapping and singing along.

My heart was so full – it was a miraculous evening; we had 9 wonderful Pastors present, with 9 members who give their unstinted, willing support; and more members brought new Pastors. I was so moved by the love and respect shown for True Mother in the prayers, and felt so grateful and honored to be able to work with such great , deep hearted ministers who love God and Jesus and have served their fellowman so faithfully for most of their lives; and, who were so responsive to the Divine Principle and True Parents.

John O’Neill has been faithfully visiting one Bishop for 14 years, he was always telling me what a special person he was, yet despite inviting him many times the Bishop never came to any of our events. Finally, we could visit him last week and he came to night. My conviction is that because he is a significant person, with many members, spiritually he was blocked from coming. And it is True Mother’s victories that have made God and the spirit world more powerful for good that cleared away the obstacles preventing him from coming.

I believe that if we work hard and unite with True Mother that we will see many more miracles taking place this coming year.

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