Spain: Life and Work of Dolores Sopena

By Marcia de Abreu, FFWPU Spain

The event on March 6, 2020, was planned in order to pay homage to the work of Dolores Sopeña, one of the first Spanish feminists, born in 1948 and passed in 1918.

Two speakers were invited to share about Dolores Sopeña: the director of the Palace-birth place of DS, Inmaculada Ramon, who guides the visits there, and an 85-year old nun, María Jesús González, who joined DS Foundation since the age of 17.

Both made extraordinary presentations, Inmaculada about the historical context, and especially the nun María Jesus who was able to share a vital and profound    knowledge of Dolores’ mindset and work. Judging from the people’s words at the end of the event, it was an inspirational talk, showing value where there is value for us all.

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