Russia: Festival of Families Held in Ulyanovsk

by Mikhail Fedosov, FFWPU Russia

The Russian city of Ulyanovsk was the site of a Festival of Families held on February 15, 2020.

A total of six couples and seven single guests participated. These were the relatives and work colleagues of our members as well as the parents of classmates of our second-generation children.

Yuri and Inna Voloshin were the hosts of the festival. Nadezhda Fomina, a member of the musical group Lira, together with her group sang songs at the event, which was held in the Oktyabrskaya Hotel.

Mikhail Fedosov (FFWPU representative) gave a lecture on “The Family Is the School of Love” and reported about World Summit 2020, which was held in Korea earlier this month. A separate program was organized for children. It was attended by 12 children, including the second generation. Preparations for the festival were managed by four blessed families.

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