Let Us Appreciate Our Success and Move Forward

This is the speech True Mother delivered at the February 8 Victory Celebration and 2027 Kick- Off Rally, in the Cheongshim Peace World Center.

I feel very good. You have all worked hard together. I am proud of you. However, I would like to say one thing: although the foundation prepared by Heaven could not support us,

because we are the True Parents, and to save humankind, we spent over forty years doing missionary work in America, a nation that represents democracy. At that time, America—a nation blessed by God—was falling apart due to the breakdown of the family moral decadence among youth and drug problems. True Parents toured America saying the family was sick and on fire and we had come as doctors and firefighters. Those who were aware all agreed. Hippies, the outcast people of that time, heard the words of life and joined the Unification Church. They were reborn and the membership grew exponentially.

However, politicians felt threatened. The existence of Rev. Moon in America made their political lives difficult, so they caused trouble to prevent him from coming to America. That was the Danbury incident; you all know this right? [Yes] They manipulated and schemed.

Stay focused on our objectives

After his Seonghwa, what do you think Father’s wish was? He wished for the restoration of God’s homeland and of course for national restoration and global restoration during his lifetime. Ladies and gentlemen! Do you love Father? Then what must we do? I am not telling you all to go into politics or to become the president. What must you do?

Always, those in power on Satan’s side, those who don’t know Heaven’s providence, fear us. I proclaimed Cheon Il Guk. I said this clearly. Cheon Il Guk is a nation in which we are together with Heavenly Parent—one human Family!

Yet, those who do not know the providence can cause problems. I am not a fool. I do not move haphazardly. Therefore, within the next two years at least, you must bring about national restoration. I am asking you to find people who will come to have influence over this nation’s politics. You should create an environment in which this can be done. Here in Korea, we have a five-sub-region system, right? Will you take on this responsibility? [Yes] We will continue using this system here in Korea and throughout the world for six months and see how it goes.

Toward greater effectiveness

However, we must strengthen the secretariat. You need to know that. In a nation’s presidential secretariat, there isn’t only one person. There are many people. I too, primarily, will have that kind of system. I will raise the status of Cheon Il Guk so that politicians cannot ignore us.

At this time, this is the point you must work for as if it were a life-or-death situation. You will do that, right? I will wait. I opened a communication channel. If you have good suggestions, please convey them through the secretariat. I will take them into consideration.

In particular, I know that here today are proud blessed families and leaders who have entered the Cheonbowon and have reached that standard of completion as citizens of Cheon Il Guk. We must do our utmost on our path until we reach the moment Heavenly Parent applauds us.

You can do this right? Then I look forward to it. I pray that Heavenly Parent’s great blessing and love will be with you in your families and in all aspects [of life] you are responsible for.

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