Germany: Closing Event of the Exhibition of Paintings and Reliefs

By Robert Bentele, UPF Germany

For over two months the paintings and reliefs of the artist, Uk-Je Kang (1.800 Couples Blessing), could be seen and admired in the premises of the Universal Peace Federation. His preferred working materials are acrylic paints especially gold, but he also uses many natural elements such as sand, seeds or wood. His work expresses his great love for nature as well as for people. And his pictures have names such as: ‘Journey to Happiness’, ‘Garden of Love’, or ‘Free Thought’. Some of his works took a whole year to “grow” slowly.

On February 29, 2020, around thirty friends, acquaintances and interested people came to the closing event, at which the works of another artist, namely Agnes Kang, the artist’s wife, could be sampled – cake ‘works of art’. Over coffee and cake, Uk-Je Kang spoke briefly to those present and explained his works and the materials he used.

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