Cranes Club Europe: 2020 dinner in Paris

BY INOË  ANDRÉ, Cranes Club Europe


The 3rd Cranes Club Dinner in Paris aimed at inspiring people to improve their career and at the same time create more space for networking. There are always new participants that can always receive a presentation of Cranes Club and then know more about it. Such an event provides time and space to explain more about Cranes Club, promote all events happening in Europe and advertise coming events. Ultimately giving visibility to Cranes Club.

This dinner was held on January 18th 2020, at Espace Barrault in Paris and was attended by some 17 professionals. Many participants have a high standard academic level : engineers, doctors (PhD), one head of company. All things considered, networking session, the speaker and the dinner proved impactful, with participants rating the overall success of the event at a peak of 8.83 with 9 voters among 17 participants and some are willing to support Cranes Club.

Here was the planning of the event :

  • 17:30 : Registration
  • 18:00 : Introduction 18:15 : Breakout sessions
  • 19:00 : The role of an organization in a complex world by Dr Edgar Bellow
  • 19:20 : Q&A
  • 19:30 : Don’t forget 100
  • 19:50 : Q&A
  • 20:00 : Dinner made by chef Teriyuki Wada
  • 22:00 : End

You can find more information on the speakers below.

I am very grateful that Dr Bellow and Mrs Ciacciarelli were inspired to give their message. Their thinking mixed with personal experience could really motivated people to work on themselves so that they can improve their career and their view on the society. I am also very grateful to Takayuki Wada because he supported me in the whole process of organizing it and giving ideas and conducting the event very well while being physically weak. Everyone participated wonderfully to create a harmonious, hopeful and joyful atmosphere.

I hope this event could give birth to the excitation to participate to the coming AGM April 2020 and that many people will want to go there.


The participants liked the mood, the testimony and the dinner. The messages were impactful for daily life practices. Teriyuki Wada’s menu (miso soup, yakisoba, ice cream) were indeed always noted as a point that went greatly during the event.

Missing points:

  • Lack of ice-cream.
  • Speakers had too many slides
  • Lack of conclusion/sum up after sharing time.

In all feedback forms, participants would recommend Cranes Club to a friend and agreed on the  fact they learn something new.


Edgar Bellow, Ph.D. is a University Professor and Researcher in Business Administration and International Management. He teaches in many Grands Ecoles in France in Europe as well as international University in China, Canada, USA, and Africa. His field of teaching and research covers Geopolitics, International Business and Sustainable Business. Dr Bellow is graduate from Swiss University. Prior to his current academic career, Dr Bellow was an airline pilot and worked in various international organizations in Geneva, Switzerland. Dr. Bellow Joined Unification Movement in 1978, he has worked as CARP leader in Germany and Switzerland then became Church leader and Church Regional leader in Switzerland. Dr. Bellow has extensive experience in Unification Philosophy, in International Trade Management, Intercultural Negotiation and Organization Change. Today Dr. Bellow is focusing on Higher Education and academic research in France and in Europe. Research Area: Airline Industry, Sustainability and SDGs Strategic, Organization Change Management, Public Policy and Geopolitics.

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