Cameroon: Character Education

By Nchia Kamran, YSP Cameroon

Following the launching of YSP Cameroon at the beginning of the year, many efforts have been made to invite youths and students from various backgrounds to receive YSP character education. Even though many activities are outlined in YSP programs, our team didn’t just desire to do activities for the sake of sending reports but most importantly, our focus has been on how to present character education as a subject that could be adopted in secondary schools curriculum and subsequently be proposed to be implemented by the state, as this is the best way to implant our ideology permanently into the conscience of the youth and students.

For this reason, we proceeded by contacting various secondary schools and proposing to them our project of implementing the teaching of character education as a subject in school. The response had been silent throughout the year but we kept pressing on and challenging ourselves and finally in the month of November, we experienced a breakthrough in 3 private secondary schools in Yaoundé. The principals of these schools each called us for a deeper explanation of our goals and objectives. We honored their invitations and were able to share with them deeply on vision of YSP whose main objective is to implant, promote and establish the culture of lasting peace centered on the heart of HYOJEONG. Impressed by our vision in each case, they gave us the possibility of implementing this project according to the different realities of each school, resulting in over 700 students currently receiving character education lectures.

In the first school called HOLY INFANT HIGH SCHOOL, we have been implementing YSP education as a club activity and through these we have been able to educate over 150 students with the introduction, 1st and 2nd chapters of YSP FOUR FAMILY LOVES.

The second school is called YOUNG WOMEN’S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION COLLEGE. Here, we were given the possibility to teach YSP as a subject in all the classes during their free periods. This implied that we have to teach every day from Monday to Friday, from FORM 1 to Upper Sixth. Here we have educated up to chapter 3 of YSP FOUR FAMILY LOVES to over 300 students.

The third school is called MADA INTERNATIONAL SECONDARY SCHOOL. Here we arranged with the principal to give YSP lessons on Wednesdays for the entire school because all the classes have free periods as from midday. Each session has about 150 students in the hall.

In Bafoussam, as from January 2020, character education is being taught in two schools, collège de la Reunification-TANKOU where 137 students are receiving lectures on character education and collège TAMA where over 101 students received character education conference.

In the meantime, the same contacts are being made in Douala and a few workshops have been done with teachers and students while preparing to implement the program in 2 schools.

Nevertheless, it has not been easy to keep up with our program as we have limited resources but we believe that the way shall be opened as we advance forward with the determination to create an impact that is permanent.

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