Brazil: Special Revival Workshop

Prepared by FFWPU Brazil

Between February 22 and 25, 2020, a 4-day seminar was held in São Paulo for blessed families and members of Sub-region 1 (Brazil) of Latin America Celestial, at the Sorocaba Convention Center, in Sorocaba-SP.

This special revival seminar had as its main focus the strengthening of the faith and spirituality of blessed families and members, in order to acquire new determination for the beginning of the new 7-year Course of Providence, established by the True Mother until 2027.

Under the coordination of Headquarters-SP, 350 people, including pastors, missionaries, Home Group leaders, blessed families received an internal guide and directions from the leader of sub-region 1 (Brazil), President Koichi Sasaki and his Wife Mrs. Onnan , during those days. The main themes were centered in the study of the deepest parts of the Divine Principle such as the Formula Course, Life of Faith and Individual Perfection, pointing to the victory of the Tribal Celestial Messiah mission and the Registration in CheonBo Won. Following these excellent themes, lectures were also given by Ms. Onnan (wife of Rev. Koichi Sasaki), using many practical examples from the life of faith, family life, education of children and relationship of the couple.

The seminar program was filled with Sacred Songs conducted by Banda HJ (band that animates the sermons of the Headquarters-SP), songs written and always sung by the True Parents, and for long years sung in the church of Brazil, this brought many memories of the early church days. These songs also brought a lot of nostalgia for the True Father.

Jeongseong sessions with 40 minutes of strong prayer, seeking to break barriers and make a strong connection between participants in the search for the hearts of Heavenly Parents and True Parents.

A very high atmosphere was created and during the seminars there were many positive experiences and a strong determination on the part of the participants to start this new 7 year course with a heart united with the True Mother in her constant struggle to restore the nations to Heavenly Parents.

It was a wonderful seminar that ended with the closing words of Rev. Koichi Sasaki and some of the leaders of the church in Brazil present at the event.

With an atmosphere of great joy and cries from Eog Mansei, wishing victory for Heavenly Parents and True Parents and victory for Providence in Sub-region 1 (Brazil), this special seminar was concluded with victory.

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