Brazil: Ambassadors for Peace Meeting

Prepared by UPF Brazil

We held a meeting for the abmassadors for peace in our nation with150 participants on February 27, 2020. The event held by the UPF took place at the Edson Dalke Convention Center, in the city of Almirante Tamandaré, State of Paraná.

The board was composed of the following authorities: Councilor Amarildo Batista, Chairman of the Board Dr. Neudir Simão Ferrabolli, National President of the UPF and Secretary General of the UPF in South America, State Deputy Delegate Rubens Recalcatti, Mayor Gerson Colodel, Federal Deputy Luiz Goulart and State Representative Fernando Francischini.

The main lecture on the UPF and its activities was presented by Dr. Neudir Simão Ferrabolli. On that occasion, the title of Ambassador for Peace was granted to 12 appointed officials. Following, the couples present participated in the Toast for Peace and exaltation to the family. About 20 couples participated in the wine ceremony (Brinde da Paz).

The event was held with the collaboration of some ambassadors for peace in nominating candidates for the title and publicizing the event, with joint work by the blessed couple from the city Mr. Davi and Teresinha Galvão.

The new Peace Ambassadors appointed were:

Federal Deputy Luiz Goularte Alves; State Deputy Fernando Destito Francischini; Mayor of the City Gerson Colodel; Councilor Claudeci Aparecido Rodrigues; Councilman Ednilson Costa Faria; Councilor Vanderlei José Giareta; Councilor Laércio Silva de Souza; Councilor Maria Bernadete Pavoni; Judge Marcos Antonio Araújo

Delegate Daniel Prestes Fagundes; Secretary of Public Security Jocelia Alves Fonseca Maria, Dental Surgeon Jorge José do Espírito Santo.

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