Benin: Heavenly Tribal Messiah

by George M. Ogurie (Sub-Regional Director, Shin-Africa Region II)

On March 3, 2020 I visited a victorious Heavenly Tribal Messiah in Benin Republic, together with Dr Laurent Ladouce from France. His heavenly tribal messiah area consists of communities around the small town of Dangbo which lies North-West of Porto-Novo.

I happened to be in Cotonou when Dr. Ladouce arrived from France to do a two-months witnessing condition in Dangbo. While he was being taken to Dangbo from the Church Headquarters in Cotonou by the National Leader Rev Emmanuel Allognon and other members, I was opportune to accompany them.

During his previous visits to his heavenly tribal messiah area, Dr. Ladouce had educated three heavenly tribal messiah blessed couples from the Dangbo area to become Divine Principle lecturers. Centring those three couples, namely, Barnabe and Marie Dossa; Abraham and Pelagie Kouton; Johane and Odette Houningbe, he has set up a heavenly tribal messiah center to educate people.

Dr. Ladouce’s heavenly tribal messiah Centre is simple and basic. It is a two bedroom flat in a two-floors block of flats. One room is his sleeping room which doubles as his office. The other is a prayer room. There is a toilet and a kitchen at the back.

A soon as we got to the center, we prayed, offering that center to our Heavenly Parent and True Parents, thanking and congratulating them for the opportunity, grace and blessing of being Heavenly Tribal Messiahs. Shortly afterwards, we were treated to lunch of fried turkey and coconut rice cooked by the ladies – wives of the brothers working with Dr. Ladouce.

Dr. Ladouce shared that he and the members working with him are witnessing and establishing home groups among the 430 Blessed couples. Each home group consists of 12 couples with a president, a secretary and a treasurer. They study the principle together in their groups under the guidance of the leaders from the center. So far, they have established seventeen home groups. The goal is to have thirty-six home groups altogether to cover the four hundred and thirty Blessed couples in the area.

People are testifying about the importance of our Divine Principle Education and the solidarity it promotes within the home-groups and among the members. Dr. Ladouce makes a point of sharing food with people in the community, even on a token level. For a longer-term assistance, he is working on a micro-credit program in collaboration with a local Micro-Finance firm.

One important use of the center is to receive people who come in to make inquiries about heavenly tribal messiah activities in the area and how they can also receive the Blessing. Eventually they would prepare and return with their spouses to be Blessed.

We thank Dr Ladouce for his sacrifice and devotion in doing something substantial to get heavenly tribal messiah activities well-grounded in his area.

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