Be Tenderhearted, Forgiving of One Another

This was True Mother’s speech at the Briefing Session to Report the Victory of True Parents’ Centenary and Sixtieth Holy Wedding Anniversary on February 18 in the Crystal Ballroom of Lotte Hotel World in Seoul on February 18, 2020.

Is my speech the highlight of this event? Is there no program to make me happy? I will just say one thing: All of you here today represent the leaders from all over Korea. You have each done your best in your respective fields. You have done a good job.

However, the only way we can proceed in life is on the road of patience! Patience and love are one.

With whom do you need to become one? You should become one with True Mother, the only begotten daughter. We are all lacking in God’s eyes. So, we can’t talk in any way against our siblings.

You have to believe me when I do something. You have to absolutely believe it. This is the life course of those living at this time. I repeat: two thousand years ago, God, the Lord of the Creation, was seen as a God of judgement by the nation of Israel during the four thousand years that he raised that nation. At this moment, when you are witnessing the final completion of his providence through the birth of True Mother, God’s only begotten daughter, after six thousand years, you need to empty your minds.

You absolutely have to be humble. That is the only way you can enter the eternal world with me in the end. You have to keep this in mind; in light of that, don’t turn me into a God of judgement. Do you understand? If I start to judge, that will be the end. There will be no future. That is what I worry about and am afraid of.

So, while I am on earth, regardless of your position, you should be one in heart, one in mind, as united siblings. Do you understand? You have to make that effort. Those who haven’t done so up until now, should repent, reflect, and start afresh!

Do you understand? That is it then.

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  1. Moon Seo Yeong says:

    I absolutely agree with True Mother’s words.
    Because as a mother of my three sons I also experience the same situation with them when they they have some petty arguments. This is the pain of the heart of the mother waiting for their children to mature in heart by loving their own siblings.

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