Austria: Reflections on the Japanese 7-days Workshop

Prepared by FFWPU Austria

Ruiko Friesacher: I am very happy that I could attend the Japanese 7days WS in Turkey from 3rd to 10th of March. Since 10 years I did not hear DP lectures in Japanese. The hotel was located by Black Sea and it was very beautiful at the sunrise and sunset.

There were 110 brothers and sisters from all over Europe (around 10 brothers). The Japanese sisters from Italy could not come because of Corona Virus, but they supported us through prayers.

I could meet some sisters who I worked together about 40 years ago, and I also to know many sisters who I had not met before. We had 10 teams and ate lunch together and shared our experiences.

There were 2 lecturers, Mr. Nakamura who had experiences in U.S. for 10 years and Mr. Obata who worked in CARP for a long time and from 2018 became lecturer in WS place. I was very impressed about the value of TP, specially 7 years course from 1960 to 1967.

On Feb 1960, True Mother had a dream that time was coming and she had to be prepared. She met True Father on 26th of Feb. when she was 17 years old.TF had the interview with her for 9 hours. He asked her about the Bible, her faith, attitude, talents (painting) and so on. TM answered very honestly and clearly. When True Father chose True Mother as his bride, everybody was very shocked and surprised because she was very unknown and very young.

On 11th of April I 1960, the marriage of lamb was held. After the wedding, TF told her that she could come to him(upstairs) only when he called her and Dae Mo Nim (mother of TM) should not visit TM. When she needed to visit, she could not come from front but backdoor in secret.

Many sister members were jealous and mean to True Mother. She was very lonely and lived like a servant of servants. She could not ask TF but had to pray and find the way by herself. She had absolute faith in Heavenly Father and absolute obedience to TF and endured so many very extreme difficult situations.

After 3 and half years, many members sympathized with TMs situation, they asked TF that he should live with her in the same room. TM won the heart of Cain and TF accepted it and after they lived together in the same room as husband and wife.

Through True Mother’s absolute faith and obedience to Heavenly Father and True Father, she could have victory, and on this foundation True Parents were established for the first time in human history.

True Parents are our heavenly treasure which we cannot buy with money. TPs are so valuable. Without TPs, there would not be blessed couples and no second or third generations in the whole world now.

True Mother’s determination did not change since she was 17 years old until now. Thank you very much, True Mother! I felt strongly that blessed families need to help and support each other in order to help the second generation.

As a community we need to take care of our future generations. When blessed families develop their heart to understand and love other members of the second generation as their own children, we can make better conditions for them to develop their personalities. Thank you very much!

Atzuko Ezaki: I am very grateful that I was able to attend this precious Workshop. I got sick several days before the departure with high fever (it was not Corona; I checked it calling the hotline) and almost gave up going. Then my dear sister Christine Deininger came all the way to my apartment and gave me a homeopathic remedy, saying, “ You will be sad if you cannot go to the workshop.” And Behold! I got better in 2 days, and I was able to attend.

I would like to share some points from Rev. Nakamura’s lectures that moved me deeply.

Before God created time and space or anything, the concept of True Parents and the Blessing were there. God’s ultimate goal/ dream was to see True Parents emerge on earth and the Blessing of marriage. God was so happy after He created the universe, though it is written in the English Bible, He said “It was good”, in the Hebrew original version, it is written, God was so happy and He almost danced. When He created Adam and Eve, He literally jumped and danced around, like a child. So you will understand how sad He was when He lost everything.

God created everything to experience joy with us. So it is our mission to be happy. Happiness is not a prize you get when you did something good; it is our goal to be happy, so that God will be happy and dance with us.

When you go to Christian stores, you see Jesus’ pictures, often smiling and opening his arms towards us to embrace us. But when you see Jesus from the side, you will see the nails going through his palms into the cross. He had been nailed to the cross for 2000 years and God had to see that all these years. With His hands nailed to the cross, Jesus has been embracing us, smiling.

Jesus forgave the people who crucified him and said Thy will has been done. On that foundation, Christian people were able to receive redemption. All the amazing culture we enjoy today… music, art, architecture, literature… were based on the sacrifice of Jesus. (Rev. Nakamura emphasized on Christology and the meaning of Redemption. Because these contents were not taught enough in earlier Japanese DP lectures. He cried several times talking about Jesus.)

One of the blessed children said, “It is often said that the second generations are the hope. But for us, you first generations are the hope and joy. (This made many of us cry…)

The followings is from Rev. Otsuka, who has been attending True Parents closely for a long time.

True Mother always wants to share anything beautiful or wonderful she finds with True Father. When she was traveling in a bullet train in Japan for WFWP speaking tour, after a long dark tunnel, suddenly a beautiful snowy landscape appeared. True Mother exclaimed “Wow….! Let’s call Father! I want to tell Father how beautiful it is! “She has been that way, she is that way even now after True Father’s passing.

There were many more beautiful Testimonies from Rev. Otsuka, to testify oneness of True Father and Mother and True Mother’s commitment to carry on True Father’s mission.

It was special for me as I had only 1-2 times to hear Japanese Divine Principle. My DP education was mainly in English, as I joined in the U.S.A. I had the dark and gloomy image of Japanese DP and hard time to relate to it. But such image was wiped away this time and now I am assured that DP shines like the sun in any language.

I am grateful for all the people who made this workshop possible, to all leaders, staff members, and those who could not go due to the corona virus situation but prayed so hard to support. I hope that European members, especially Blessed Children, will have chance to study these contents. Thank you.

Akemi Waldhäusl: Being at this workshop I could learn many things. I specially realized what True Parents went through when they were in my age which I am now.

True Father was 65 years old when he had to go to Danbury prison. I knew that he was in that prison, but I was not aware of how old he was then. He had to work hard in that prison, cleaning the toilets and the dining rooms. Without speaking much he changed the people around him, and they began to respect him, because he won their hearts.

True Mother was 49 years old when she founded the Womens’ Federation and became the president. She then travelled around the world and gave speeches, testifying to True Parents being the returning Christ. She took responsibility for proclaiming the Messiah to the world.

Thinking of what True Parents did when they were at the age we are in presently, I feel closer to them. Also today, True Mother is 77 years old, and she is active, travelling around the world. She promised to True Father that she will fulfil his mission in her lifetime.

Thinking of this, I felt True Mother’s determination very strongly. I am very grateful that I could learn all those things at this workshop.

Mari Peham: The Hyo Jeong conference 2020 was held from 3-10. March in Istanbul, Turkey for Japanese brothers and sisters who live in Europe.

The program was Divine principle lectures and True Parents life course form Dr. Nakamura and Mr Obata, also testimony from Dr. Otsuka about True Parents and True family. Because of the deep and brandnew contents we all were very moved and inspired. The Iectures were full of humour and emotion and intellect. I realized how important it is to learn our basic belief. Singing Holy songs in Japanese language reminded all of us of our young age with tears.

Also, I could deeply understand how much True Mother loves Father, they are totally one. I was very happy to know that.

I felt also how important it is to understand about Jesus’ life and mission. Mr. Nakamura said we should read also the Bible to be close to Jesus. I would like to respect European Christian culture more. Because of this respect I can understand people in Europe including our brothers and sisters. This workshop was a kick off workshop for the next 7 years course with True Mother.

After the end of the workshop Turkey decided to shut down their nation from European countries because of the Corona virus. We could make it at the very last moment. Mr. Balcomb said “It was Heavenly Time Table ” I really think so!

It was an unforgettable experience for me and it gave me confidence and power to keep going the rest of my life.

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