Austria: Leadership Change in Graz

By Elisabeth Cook, FFWPU Austria

On January 12, 2020 the leadership of the Family Federation in Graz, capital of the Federal state of Styria in Austria, was handed over from 1st gen couple Manfred and Heidi Mayr to 2nd gen couple David & Kuni Wurzer.

David and Kuni had been assistant pastor of Graz since 2017. They will work with a trinity of 2nd gen couples and a trinity of 1st gen couples.

On January 12th we also could inaugurate and bless the new centre of the Styrian Family Federation. For many years they didn’t have a place of their own, but since the end of last year they are permanently renting a beautiful place where they can hold Sunday services and all other programs for their community and for outreach.

In his speech Manfred Mayr thanked his family for supporting him during the years where he was leading the Styrian community. He and Heidi were the community leaders for 10 years. Manfred also recalled the occasions when he and his family members could meet True Parents in their lives.

Manfred will work more with UPF and interreligious activities from now, and Heidi has a demanding mission as the BFD leader of the central European region.

David Wurzer thanked Manfred and Heidi for their leadership and support, and he stated “I don’t want to reinvent the wheel, rather I want to keep our traditions and build on the foundation which has already been laid.”

He closed with the appeal to the audience: “Let us walk side by side and support each other, so that our younger brothers and sisters can grow into spiritual giants who will be able to carry future generations, just as we have been carried and raised by our parents.”

The inauguration of the new centre and the hand-over of the leadership were very moving ceremonies, with all members of the Styrian community attending. We all could feel that a new chapter of the Styrian Unification history has been opened, and that we can look into the future with hope and good expectations.

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