USA: Young Unificationist Brings New Energy to Tribal Messiahship

Prepared by FFWPU USA

Dedicated young Unificationist Joshua Holmes arrived fresh off the west coast to assume dual Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU) ministry positions in the ‘Big Apple.’ At only 23 years old, he now serves as assistant pastor for the Family Church of New York City (FCNYC) and Young Tribe Coordinator for the Youth and Young Adult Ministry (YAYAM), a division of the FFWPU National Ministry Team. “I was praying very hard after being offered a position in New York, and my conclusion was that God needed me here,” said Holmes. “That continues to be what inspires me.”

Holmes’s initial involent in ministry began after his two-year period of volunteering for the Generation Peace Academy (GPA). He quickly became a youth ministry leader in Los Angeles, followed by two and a half years of full-time volunteer work with the Collegiate Research for the Association of Principles (CARP) LA chapter, while simultaneously working towards a college degree.

Over the two plus years, Holmes invited friends and students he met on campus to one-on-one Divine Principle study sessions. Many of those he invited continue to study the Divine Principle to this day. “I discovered a family in ministry; people who fought for each other and fought for God’s vision,” said Holmes. “That connection added fuel to my motivation to get further involved. Also, seeing the difficulties in the world, I resonated deeply with them and came to the conclusion that True Parents are honestly the only solution.” True Parents is an affectionate term used when referring to Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon and her late husband Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon, co-founders of FFWPU.

Holmes moved to New York City for his new positions upon receiving his degree. As assistant pastor of FCNYC, Holmes is committed to helping to build the ministries alongside the whole FCNYC team and under the vision and guidance of its co-pastors Rev. Demian Dunkley and Dr. Luonne Rouse. “From my handful of interactions with Joshua, I can see that he is someone who really cares about what he commits himself too,” said Christian Nseka, coordinator for the FCNYC Blessing & Family Ministry (BFM). “I can’t wait to see how high he will soar and how wide his embrace will be.”

“Having Joshua join our team feels great because any time we come up with a goal or vision, he immediately puts it into action and makes sure that it is met successfully!” added Sarah Falconi, administrative assistant at FCNYC.

As Young Tribe Coordinator for YAYAM, Holmes is also focusing on activating young adults to become Tribal Messiahs. “Joshua brings a drive, energy, and enthusiasm; just what we needed to take YAYAM to the next level,” said YAYAM National Director Kaeleigh Moffitt. “His role as the Young Tribe Coordinator means he is spearheading the movement of young leaders and Tribal Messiahs into a place of pride, power, and ownership.”

Tribal Messiahship is predominantly driven by the older generation, but Holmes is determined to breathe new life and youth into the ministry. As a Tribal Messiah himself, he is committed to continuing his own outreach work. “I want to realize the vision that God and my leaders have for these ministries, and I deeply believe in those visions,” said Holmes. “I know that I am here to grow and I am committed to growing alongside my community by serving and being a channel for God to use me.”

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