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Prepared by FFWPU USA

On December 21, 2019, Shine City Project volunteered with Just One Project! The Just One Project is a local, non-profit organization that inspires others to be involved and make a difference in order to build stronger and healthier communities. The Just One Project is Nevada’s largest food pantry, and it strives to connect volunteers to help feed at-risk, low-income youth, adults, and families through several of its programs.

Just a few days before Christmas, our six Shine City Project volunteers gathered at Hyde Park Middle School to help spread some holiday cheer! Although we were ready to help out directly with the food distribution, our group was given the responsibility of providing assistance to elders who needed help taking food donations back to their cars. Although we had wanted to pass out food, we decided to do our best with the task given to us.

We stood at the end of the food distribution line waiting to provide assistance. We decided to not just offer help to elders, but to anyone who looked like they needed a helping hand. At first, we were met with rejection as a number of individuals did not need any help. Nevertheless, we decided to share some love by wishing the same individuals with greetings such as “Have a nice day!”, “Merry Christmas!”, and “Happy Holidays!”. Eventually, we were able to meet elders and others who needed help carrying their food donations back to their vehicles. We happily took their food donations and walked with them to their cars.

After helping and returning back to the distribution line, there would be another person waiting for assistance. As the service project continued, we became vessels of love for others, and eventually, we were able to help pass out items such as gallons of milk and boxes of cereal. Although we were expected to pass out just two boxes of cereal to each individual, we offered to give out a little more. Often we gave out three or four boxes of cereal at a time, and sometimes six boxes. Eventually, we were able to give out all the food! There was 25,000 pounds of food that had been distributed to hundreds of individuals and families. After the service project was finished, we helped to clean up.

Overall, we enjoyed being at the service project and helping out in any way possible. We were happy to go above expectations in order to give love to others. We hope to continue cultivating this same heart in future service projects!

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