USA: National Ministry Monthly Meeting – What Does Attendance Mean?

Prepared by FFWPU USA

The National Ministry Team of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU) USA gathered at The New Yorker hotel on January 8 for their monthly meeting to discuss youth activities, the launch of the World Clergy Leadership Conference (WCLC), and the Peace Starts With Me Clergy Rally featuring Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, co-founder of FFWPU and affectionately known as True Mother.

Rev. Demian Dunkley, president of FFWPU-USA, took to the podium to introduce and honor Dr. Ki Hoon Kim, regional chairman of Family Federation North America, on his birthday, highlighting his incredible spirit of attendance. “Dr. Kim brings leaders to Korea, he brings True Mother to America; he also does Hoon Dok Hwe (daily study of scripture) and prays for everyone every day,” said Rev. Dunkley. “God and True Parents are sending all their love to America, and the very first prism that the light has to shine through is Dr. Kim.” True Parents is an affectionate term Unificationists use when referring to Dr. Moon and her late husband, Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon, co-founder of FFWPU.

Following his message, Rev. Dunkley welcomed up Dr. Kim for a surprise birthday celebration, where Dr. Kim sang his favorite song, 난정말 몰랐었네 (Nanjeongmal Mollass-eossne), and was presented with a cake and video tribute to his years of hard work in America. Dr. Kim also recently sang this song to Dr. Moon in person.

After thanking everyone for a wonderful surprise, Dr. Kim delivered a message about the global and regional events that took place in December 2019, and his hopes for the new year. In particular, he spoke about Dr. Moon’s mission to unite clergy and people of faith worldwide through initiatives like the launch of the WCLC and the Young Clergy Leadership Conference (YCLC), and the Peace Starts With Me Clergy Rally. He urged everyone to continue to attend and invest in realizing Dr. Moon’s ideal for world peace. “What does attendance mean?” asked Dr. Kim. “It means uniting in spirit and body with True Mother, True Parents and our Heavenly Parent.”

Dr. Luonne Rouse, co-chairman of the American Clergy Leadership Conference (ACLC), addressed the importance of the Korean Clergy Leadership Conference (KCLC), ACLC, and YCLC coming together and merging with WCLC in order to bring peace to the world. “The question of, ‘What’s next?’ is often asked,” said Dr. Rouse. “Our next step will be to go to every clergy around this nation to activate ACLC and WCLC. We are going to show the world what WCLC can bring forth.”

Dr. Michael Jenkins, president of the Universal Peace Federation (UPF) International, spoke about the lead up to the Clergy Rally, the hard work of volunteers, particularly the Hispanic FFWPU community, and the relationships and connections made with key religious and political figures through WCLC. “We are rising together,” said Dr. Jenkins. “We will bring unity among all people and peace to the world.”

Kaeleigh Moffitt, national director of Youth and Young Adult Ministry (YAYAM), reported on the inspiring launch of the Young Clergy Leadership Conference (YCLC) following the Clergy Rally on December 28. “People are not motivated by the nay-sayers or those who sit back and complain, people are moved by those who are inspired,” said Mrs. Moffitt. “We at YCLC desperately need your encouragement and your support.” YCLC plans to host five subregional weekend conferences all over the nation throughout 2020.

Mari Curry, education director at FFWPU-USA, discussed the success of Young Tribe Week: Inheriting True Parents’ Heart for Christianity, where more than 100 young Unificationists, many of who came from abroad, participated in seven days of lectures, Christian church visitations, and reflection and left with a greater understanding of Jesus and Rev. and Dr. Moon. “With love, support and guidance, we were able to have a full experience with not just feeling, but understanding,” said Mrs. Curry.

Dr. Thomas Ward, president of the Unification Theological Seminary (UTS), revealed the new mission statement of UTS, which was made official on December 16, 2019, and announced the upcoming spring conference which will focus on the transition of leadership from the current generation on to the next. UTS also hosts a monthly Faculty Roundtable Series; the next one will take place on February 25.

FFWPU National Ministry leaders are taking the next steps to continue developing their initiatives – new and old – including WCLC, ACLC, KCLC, YCLC, and more.

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