USA: CARP LA hosts final retreat before Winter Break

Prepared by CARP USA

From December 16 to 18th, CARP Los Angeles hosted a 3-Day Principle Workshop with around 50 college students in attendance. Mrs. Naoko Hiraki, parental mentor to CARP LA, gave the presentations, supported by Maiko Shimogawara.

For this workshop, the main content was followed by interactive activities and discussion. Some of the objectives of this retreat included understanding God’s heart in relationship to His creation and in relationship to the Fall and human sin, understanding Jesus’ life and mission, and understanding history and how it led us to where we are today. There was also a special segment about the founders of CARP, Rev. Sun Myung Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon (also known as Father and Mother Moon), and their work in creating a world of peace.

The participants were in high spirits throughout the workshop because they could feel the love and family atmosphere. Even after the workshop had concluded, the participants did not want to leave because of the spirit that they had felt during the workshop. They are looking forward to the continuation in January at the Turning Point Workshop


Today, the biggest thing I learned was realizing that my love towards others was not true because I was not fully trusting of them not to hurt me. I need to learn how to take God’s standpoint and fully trust without the possibility of getting hurt so I can experience true love from God and everyone. – CARP PCC Member

The most important concept covered today was the importance of true love coming from God. It is clear that, if we exchange true love amongst each other, we will achieve heaven on Earth, as true love can only be centered and rooted from God. I also appreciated the clarity being added that it was Jesus’ loving and caring nature that granted spiritual salvation when he died on the cross. – CARP ECC Member

As we were talking about what Father Moon has been through, I couldn’t stop crying for some reason. As we were talking about him being tortured by North Koreans it hurt me so much. I didn’t want to cry but tears ran down my face like a river. And as we talked about his great achievements, I started crying yet again, but this time, with tears of joy and happiness. It made me appreciate Dr. Moon even more in a whole other level. It makes me want to start out my journey for world peace and protect people so they don’t ever have to go through what Dr. Moon did. – CARP PCC Member

I really liked Naoko-san and Maiko-san connect how all of the things that happened in history is not just a story but is something that really matters to all of us. It gives me the realization of how important it is to live my life to fulfill my purpose and that I shouldn’t be wasting my time on what I like to do that has nothing to do with my purpose. I realized the desperate heart God had. God ever wanted his children to suffer and wanted to end everything with Jesus and knowing that heart of God, Jesus really walked the path of trials and tribulations of unbearable pains both spiritually and physically. We are standing and living on the foundation of Jesus’ and central figures’ blood, sweat, and tears. Recognizing and appreciating those things, I want to continue to invest and do my best with fulfilling my portion of responsibility. – CARP PCC Member

Seeing the people in the stories not as people of the past but seeing and reading the situations they were in and putting myself in it was an eye opening point of view for me. Thank you for this lecture where we not only learn what happened but understand the heart and emotions behind each person. – CARP Member

I am grateful for all of the lectures I received through this workshop. And for today while learning about Father and Mother Moon’s life course I was able to understand even a little bit more about how much Father and Mother Moon had to go through for us to be able to stand and live in this time. – CARP Cal Poly Pomona Member


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