Ukraine: Korean Students Do Internship and Starting English-Language Course in Kyiv

Prepared by FFWPU Ukraine

 Within the framework of the Hyo Jeong Foundation internship program, Ukraine welcomed three Sun Moon University students. They came for 35 days of training to get experience in front-line and NGO activities. The students took part in a Divine Principle workshop, joined Chondo (witnessing) activities in Kyiv, and organized a Women’s Federation for World Peace project in a family-type orphanage for 10 disabled children.

As the interns will stay in Ukraine to the end of January, they will have the chance to join a members’ meeting, take part in a Universal Peace Federation project, and go to the cities of Lviv and Odessa for witnessing.

Starting English-Language Course in Kyiv

Thirty Korean second-generation young people arrived in Ukraine on December 29, 2019, for a four-week English-language program. With 17 university students and 13 high-school pupils, this fourth English training and cultural program was the largest held so far in cooperation with the Korea Multicultural Peace Federation.

The program had a solemn opening at Yellow Castle in Kyiv, the nation’s capital. After that, the students actively started their classes led by our English-speaking staff.

The students had the opportunity to join a New Year’s Eve celebration in our Training Center and see some places of interest in Kyiv.

The four-week program includes a trip to Poland, taking part in a Universal Peace Federation project, and three days of witnessing.

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