UK: 2020 BCLC Seminar

By June Darby

We held a BCLC seminar on January 11, 2020 in Lancaster Gate, London, focusing on preparing the Pastors going to the World Summit in Korea next month, so there were four Pastors altogether.

Pastor Carlo Zaccarelli gave a wonderful, inspiring lecture on The Principles of Creation abd Rev Isaac Ayani gave an impassioned explanation of The Fall. One Pastor couldn’t be with us so we greeted him by phone and sang for him.

Rev Isaac encouraged the Pastors to study Divine Principle carefully and spoke movingly about the Parents of Mankind.Our members supported generously and there was an uplifting, tangible presence of the Holy Spirit. We concluded with a powerful unison prayer.

Please put our Seminar dates in your diary 15 Feb., 14 Mar., 18 April., 9 May, 13 June, 2020 And please pray for those Pastors going to Korea for the Summit 2020.

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