True Peace Magazine December 2019 issue

Prepared by True Peace Magazine Team

This issue we cover:

  1. Article one – True Mother fulfills true father’s prophecy in palau
  2. True parents’ messages
    • The interreligious peace movement
    • That all might know him as our heavenly parent
    • Obtaining the qualification as heavenly citizen
    • Human civilization in heaven’s providence and our responsibility today
  3. Pictorial section – photo memories
  4. A message of appreciation – to spiritual soldiers on a day of blessing
  5. Pastors at cheongpyeong – loss and resurrection
  6. Getting right with god
  7. Interfaith harmony – blessed are the peacemakers
  8. Regional security – the quest for peace, a regional perspective
  9. Hyojeong cheonbo -liberation and grace
  10. Bridges -the true work of unification
  11. Testimony – my journey, my faith

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