True Mother’s Message to KCLC in USA

True Mother delivered this speech at a Korean Clergy Leadership Conference meeting for Christian ministers in KCLC and FFWPU ministers on December 29, 2019 at East Garden.

The two-thousand-year Christian providence… Yesterday, I began my speech with the following words: “The completion of Heaven’s providence is Cheon Il Guk.” Christianity offers on awareness of Jesus Christ’s essence and God’s essence. After the Fall, it took four thousand years until God could send his only son, Jesus Christ, through the chosen people. God toiled during those four thousand years to do that, yet Jesus ended up nailed to the cross at the early age of thirty-three—before his time. How could Christianity teach that Christians receive salvation through the blood of the cross?

In one word, it is due to ignorance. Ignorance cannot lead to perfection. In Genesis, God said that he created all things in his image. He created plus and minus in the mineral world, pistil and stamen in the plant world, male and female in the animal world, and finally man and woman, who would become our human ancestors—a man and a woman.

For the first time in four thousand years, God’s only son had emerged. Yet it means nothing if the only son is alone. Therefore, Mary, who bore Jesus, should have understood the providence, right? Yet, she did not understand Jesus’ essence. How could she have lived with Joseph? She married off all the sons and daughters she had with Joseph, but she was not interested in Jesus marrying. How on earth can Catholicism call for worshipping Mary as the Holy Mother? She was the woman responsible for driving Jesus to the cross. She could not even leave behind the time and date of Jesus’ birth. She is not qualified to be a mother. And yet, the Protestant Church and Catholic Church worship such a woman.

How pathetic is this situation to God? Mary, Judaism, and the Israelites failed in their responsibilities and nailed Jesus to the cross. Because of this, they wandered in isolation as a nationless people for two thousand years….

The only son was supposed to become the True Father of humankind, and fulfill the dream of Heavenly Parent, our Creator and God. Would there be no sin to causing his death? There is indemnity. Heaven is eternal and His beginning and end are the same. He cannot ignore failure. He cannot fail. He must complete His providence. That is why he endured it all for six thousand years.

Until the True Parents, who could uphold God’s will, emerged from amidst humanity, Heaven… Yesterday at the rally, I cried while speaking. I do not know how you may have felt, but I was overwhelmed knowing Heavenly Parent and how He waited for six thousand years wanting to embrace humankind with love despite their ignorance and how True Parents worked throughout their lives and have finally ushered in an era in which we can speak of the completion of this providence, in an environment in which the Christian foundation did not become an environment for True Parents. You cannot imagine what a miracle this is for humanity. This is a miracle. If this is not a miracle, what is then?

I am saying that you should no longer be ignorant ministers. I have revealed the truth of the providence and the truth of history. I have revealed Jesus Christ’s essence. When I speak about history, I explain how, following the crucifixion of Jesus, Christianity began through Jesus’ disciples after being reborn through the Holy Spirit. They waited for Jesus who said he would come again. In ad 31, Rome officially recognized Christianity. Then from the Italian Peninsula, Christianity spread throughout the European continent to the island of Great Britain. As the era of the Atlantic civilization began, Christianity spread throughout the world. However, they did not know Jesus’ essence. They did not practice his teaching of “Love your neighbor as yourself.” In the end, their cultural civilization ended as one that took away from others.

However, Heaven’s providence is moving forward. I have told you that I am God’s only Begotten Daughter. God could not have His only Begotten Daughter born through the Israelites who failed to fulfill their responsibilities. This is because they had indemnity. Therefore, Heaven found a new chosen people.

Two thousand years ago, God chose the Korean people. From the Korean people, God’s only Begotten Daughter had to be born with a Christian background. Jesus said he would come again and when he did, he would hold the marriage supper of the Lamb. Jesus’ will must be fulfilled, right? For Christianity in Korea at that time, the presence of the Holy Spirit and the truth was much more incredible in the north centering in Pyongyang than in the south.

You probably remember Rev. Lee Yong-do. In the third generation, I was born there. There was much of evidence. Just as something was special about Jesus’ birth, something was special about my birth. If you are curious, do a little research on me and you will be enlightened. Next year, my biography is coming out. Of course, we already published True Father’s autobiography, but it is the only Begotten Daughter of God, True Mother, who saw the completion of the providence and began a new era. Therefore, do not call me Dr. Han. I am the only Begotten Daughter of God, True Mother! Hence, I am your Mother.

Sons that unite with their Mother will prosper and Heaven will be with you. I touched on it briefly yesterday as well, but I was born during Korea’s most difficult period. Korea was experiencing liberation [from Japanese occupation] while going through a division between the North and the South. It was a war involving powerful nations between [the area under] democracy and [that under] communism. My hometown was in the North, but I had an uncle on my mother’s side who was studying in Japan. Yet he contacted us and told us that he had returned to South Korea and joined the military there. Our family, therefore, could not stay in the North. All sorts of matters were being prepared for communization at the time, so we had no choice but to travel south.

We arrived in South Korea, but they were not prepared. They were not prepared to defend against the North. In these circumstances, the invading North would certainly have communized the South. However, Heaven had finally sent, for the first time in six thousand years, His only Begotten Daughter, who could complete the providence. According to the principle of creation, she would need a period to grow and mature until she could make choices of her own free will. That is why Heaven mobilized sixteen UN nations to protect democracy in South Korea. Was that coincidence? Heaven guided it. Heaven!

However, the Korean government has still not properly expressed their gratitude. True Parents used their personal funds to mobilize the Little Angels so that they could perform for the [Korean War] veterans. All the nations, Ethiopia, in particular, were grateful for this.

I have so many things I want to say to you. The Bible is far from Heaven’s providence. Disciples wrote it based on their thoughts. Neither God nor Jesus Christ personally teach them what to write, or wrote it directly, right?

So yesterday, I talked about Sodom and Gomorrah as an example. In the conversation between the Lord and Abraham, the Lord said he would spare the city if there were fifty righteous people, then forty righteous people, thirty, twenty, or only ten. However, to save one family, Lot’s, Heaven told them to flee without looking back. Yet Lot’s wife, who still felt attachments to it, looked back, and became a pillar of salt. We cannot explain this with science but that is how the Bible recorded it.

Therefore, today through the True Parents, a new era is beginning, but if we linger on the past, wishing something were one way or another, we cannot move forward. Will you become like Lot’s wife? Or will you become those who survive, move forward and those whom history remembers? There is no perfection in ignorance. Please learn. Korea will change. Heaven will not stand still, so I am telling you to awaken first. Do you understand? Thank you.

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