True Mother’s Message at the World Clergy Rally Victory Celebration

True Mother gave this message at the victory celebration for the World Clergy Rally: A New Hope for a Heavenly Unified World, which was held at East Garden on December 29, 2019.

Did you enjoy your meal? You truly showed me your hard work and qualities. I wanted to give you a gift for Christmas, so I asked for a list of names of representative ministers, Family Federation members, and other hard-working individuals and that list is right here.

I also want to commend the new beginning and determination of our second-generation Unificationists. I heard that over a thousand youth participated this time. If you can, please gather the second-generation and give them my love with a victory celebration or a yut game.  

As I said yesterday, Heaven toiled and waited for this moment for the long period of six thousand years in search of the sons and daughters He had lost. To complete that providence, the Only Begotten Daughter was born and the True Parents could emerge. Due to True Parents’ providence, humankind now has hope and a new life. You can register as Heavenly Parent’s children through the Blessing. You are probably aware that we have Blessed families in over 190 countries all over the world. However, if you think about the 7.6 billion people, we still have a busy path ahead of us. You know this, right? Especially, Heaven prepared America for the completion of the providence with Christianity, yet America did not fulfill its responsibility. At the end of the day, because we were the True Parents, we came to this nation and shed blood, sweat and tears for over forty years for America.

However, the results were very inadequate. Yet, the providence is still moving forward. This means that there is no time to look back. Therefore, for the last seven years, I spoke often about the Truth of the providence—that we must understand God. What are God’s characteristics? Who is God? And what is the essence of the Messiah, Savior, and Jesus Christ?

Up until now, Christian ministers and Christian followers have believed that they are saved through the blood of the cross. How far this belief is from God’s ideal. With self-centered human understanding and human actions, we have built walls. That is why we cannot see the bigger world and build walls that result in so many denominations. Christianity has been waiting for a single person, Christ the Messiah, and shouldn’t even need all these denominations. This is the result of human-centered thought.

The Truth has now been revealed by the True Mother, the Only Begotten Daughter of God. As I said yesterday, all the blessed families and clergy that are living and working in the same era as I must become those who will remain in history forever as heroes. Just before, Dr. Ki Hoon Kim told us about one minister who testified, saying that he will write his own Acts of the Apostles. This is a good idea.

True Parents! The day we establish Cheon Il Guk will be the day we are victorious in achieving Heavenly Parent’s dream and humankind’s wish while attending the True Parents. Yesterday, the title of my message was “Cheon Il Guk is the Completion of Heaven’s Providence.” Do not forget that you are in qualified positions to becoming central figures of Cheon Il Guk. Therefore, this nation, which Heaven has prepared for over 200 years, is blessed, but its blessing is not America’s own, its blessing is for the world. However, Americans today think only of their own nation’s gain. You must not do this. The stronger your nation is, the more you must care for the less fortunate nations around you. To God, we are all brother and sister nations.

True Parents especially blessed America as the elder son nation. Therefore, the eldest son must embrace all his brothers and sisters. Yet, another problem is that America comprises of united states. There are fifty states, but the Family Federation flag does not fly in all fifty states. Thus, all our ministers, centering on President Demian Dunkley, should put down roots in all fifty states. Do you understand? As a filial elder son nation, I hope that its people will return joy to Heaven for God’s blessing and that you will do your best to become an America that will be remembered by Heaven forever. I especially have hope because our second-generation Unificationists are taking the lead.

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