Thailand: Asian Leadership Conference

By Robert Kittel

In the second week of the New Year, despite our very busy schedules preparing for the World Summit in February in Korea, our regional group chairman Dr. Chung-sik Yong still wanted to have an Asian Leadership Conference (ALC). We have been carrying on these education initiatives monthly for the past 12 years under his leadership. The conference was held in Bangkok, Thailand, Jan. 10-13, 2020.

“Continually teaching Father Moon’s Principles of Peace is one of the keys to our success in the Asia-Pacific region,” Dr. Yong said repeatedly. Over the past year, there were three successful Summits in the Asia-Pacific region: the Nepal Summit in December 2018, the Cambodian Summit in November 2019 and, three weeks later, the First Ladies’ Summit in Palau. These educational programs helped lay a strong foundation for working with VIPs and VVIPs for the success of these Summits.

In this ALC conference, 66 participants from eight nations attended, including: 30 from Cambodia, 9 from China, 6 from Thailand, 5 each from Vietnam and Malaysia, 4 each from Myanmar and Nepal, and 3 from Australia.

The dignity of the delegates participating in this 3-day event represented the highest levels of government and civil society, comprising: the President of the World Mandaean Congress, deputy governors, university professors, government officers, a medical doctor, along with business and religious leaders.

Unique to this event, on the second full day couples rededicated their marriages to God and to each other through the Interfaith Peace Blessing Festival. There were 14 couples attending this celebration. Included in this part of the program, the forgiveness or tangam ceremony, was observed. This is where couples make the condition to forgive their spouse and even the ancestors of there spouse in order to make a new beginning together.


This is one of the greatest organizations in the world. Father Moon and Mother Moon, they are heroes of the world. UPF will surely lead the world one day. I hope it is very soon. I am so glad to be here… Father Moon thank you very much. Mother Moon thank you very much. We will work together! — Mr. Fouad Sobbi, Australia

First of all, all delegates from Cambodia are grateful to UPF for having attended this conference… Peace is very important. Without peace, there is no development… Living for the sake of others means we need to willingly sacrifice for the sake of others… and follow the law of one husband and one wife. — H.E. Ham Rithy, Cambodia

I’m very grateful to have been invited here… During these two days I learned so much. This is exactly what I’m look for; it is beyond religion and race. I want to take this back to Beijing and share with others. — Mr. Chai Yongjun, China

… I almost didn’t come. Two days before, I felt Father Moon called me… True Love needs sacrifice and it has to be unconditional… I got a new family here… Good people [like the UPF members] are hard to find so we should always appreciate them. Thank you, Dr. Yong. — Dato Gopi Nathan Arunachalam, Malaysia

This seminar opened my vision to a new worldview. It made me feel something that I never felt or imagined before… The meaning of peace. It comes from sacrifice. “Give and forget what you’ve given.” Wow. — Dr. Jaturong Ekawatpanich, Thailand

Dear teachers… All presentations touched our hearts. The family of true love comes from living for the sake of others… We want to have the next ALC in Vietnam in February and say hello to UPF in our country. [After the reflection all Vietnamese participants sang a song and danced together.] — Ms. Dang Thi Ngoc Thu, Vietnam

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