Switzerland: Seminar for New Ambassadors for Peace

By Michel Reymond, UPF Switzerland

On Saturday 18 January 2020, the first Ambassador for Peace seminar of the year took place in Geneva UPF Office, in the presence of 12 attendees, with the skillful and teaching of Chantal Chételat-Komagata, and the assistance of Geneva UPF Team lead by Michel Reymond and Radomir Stantchev, all participants had an insightful day and were given 3 conferences about the Universal Principles of peace, based on world holy scriptures.

It was more than a lecture, rather an interactive session, where we could debate about the ideas proposed. The important point is to understand that there must be an harmonious relationship among all entities in the universe, as well as among the human beings, the basic entities are comprised of male and female, and positive and negative, in electrochemical terms, and then a secondary dual characteristic universally found is that each entity, from the atom to the minerals, plants, animal and human world contain a visible, external form, and an invisible, internal character, both relating and sharing a mutual relationship for their existence and development.

There must also be the understanding of the two main purposes in all existing beings: an individual, self purpose (the individual), and a common purpose (the society) making the first forming a higher entity through unity and a harmonious relationship. So one basic Principle of peace is to respect both dimension in life, the self preservation, and the common goal. For example two individuals, a man and a woman with a common vision will have children, and form a higher realm of existence as a family. Families together are forming society, adding to a nation, and nations forming the world. The second lecture was about the origin of conflit, including the original sin committed by our ancestors with the fallen archangel, and the afternoon was more the restoration of peace or the ideal, all was based on the Divine Principle, and all participants digested well the content.

Eleven Ambassador for Peace Nomination

12 Participants registered to the Seminar on switzerland.upf.org website, and finally 11 came at the seminar the due day. They represented diverse origin and profession, the fruits of many years outreach by the UPF Geneva team, and 2 from the Geneva diplomatic field, International Civil Servants, 1 person from media, 4 from NGOs, Humanitarian worker, and a teacher. In fact I prepared only 4 Certificate of appointment, because almost all of them came to meet with UPF for the first time and I felt maybe it’s too soon for them or they will fell pushed by UPF, but arriving at the main break, I realized that the atmosphere was so positive and enthusiast, that all of them expected the Ambassador for Peace Certificate at the end of the one day seminar!!! Luckily I could go home to print it and could prepare 11 Certificate before 16:30 the closing time.

UPF Switzerland Secretary General, Mrs. Chantal Chételat- Komagata gave all her heart and skills to deliver an amazing UPF teaching of all 3 chapters of teachings, while still keeping an interactive discussion and keeping everyone engaged. Also the meal was provided by Radomir Stantchev who fed all participant with delicious homemade food, that he brought to the UPF Office. With stomacs full, the afternoon went on and the atmosphere was really bright and concluded with an exchange of all phones numbers and email, and I created a new WhatsApp group to keep in touch. Now that few

days have passed, last week I got few testimonies such as: « I will never forget UPF Seminar and I am grateful for having participated and be part of UPF now. » Another person also said that « Thank you, this Seminar was one of the best experience I had since longtime, and also want to support UPF ». A guest invited his mother and 2 of his friends, they all had a good experience. A person asked that I would sign a founder’s autobiography for her.

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