South Africa: Youth Missionaries Resolve to Inherit the Victorious Foundation of the Johannesburg Declaration

by Jean Augustin Ghomsi

Johannesburg, South Africa – 46 youth missionaries from six countries in Shin Africa took part in a special 5-Day Workshop to inherit the victorious foundation of the “Johannesburg Declaration” made by True Mother on December 7, 2019 at the FNB Stadium.

The workshop that started on December 9, 2019 took place at 17 Shaft Conference and Education Centre, not far from the FNB stadium.

At FNB Stadium, True Mother officially declared the beginning of a blessed continent, “Shin Africa,” a “shining Africa”, a “God-centered Africa”.

The purpose of the workshop as designed by the Regional Group Chairman, Rev. Bakary Camara, was for the youth missionaries to inherit that victorious foundation as well as True Mother’s heart as they go out for their mission to substantialize Cheon Il Guk. He asked each one to take time to reflect on his/her life so far and make sure it is grounded with deep roots.

At the opening Ceremony, Rev. Camara told the missionaries, “I was thinking about this workshop because I know True Parents’ desire to really share their hearts and love with you. So, as missionaries you are absolutely living at the center of the heart of God and True Parents. Their number one priority is to get back the children they lost.” He said witnessing is the essence of our life. Speaking about the Johannesburg Declaration, he said, “Yesterday, we were shocked as we were having breakfast with True Mother and she said Africa received for the first time in the whole human history the blessing which has never been given before!”

In another occasion, the Regional Group Chair said, “We should not live separately from our course of life. You need to live in unity with your destiny. We have a force inside us, which is our conscience. If you strive to live in harmony with your conscience, you will be always happy. Unhappiness and misfortune come when we try to suppress our conscience. True Parents advise us to follow our conscience. It is our best teacher!”

The workshop’s Hoon Dok Hwe was mostly based on True Mother’s words in the Book 12 of Cheon Seong Gyeong, Chapter 4 Section 3: Our Responsibility in the Era of Cheon Il Guk. We also read Book 2 Chapter 5 Section 3: Inheriting True Parents’ Realm of Victory and Section 4: Inheriting True Parents’ Tradition.

The lecturers were Rev. David Isaac Phiri, National Leader of Zambia and Rev. Jean Augustin Ghomsi, Heavenly Africa Witnessing and Education Department Director. The main lectures were: God’s Ideal of Creation, the Fall and Its Consequences, The 8 Stages of the Development of the Heart, Understanding the Providential Time We are Living In, Elements of Tradition, Blessing: Its Meaning, Significance and Process, etc.

There were also testimonies from Mr. George Stemmer, Mr. Kenta Kishi and Mr. Nico Kalala. Rev. Moruti Ledwaba, Southern Africa Sub-regional Director, also addressed the young missionaries.

The testimonies of the participants at the end were a mixture of tears and laughter. Many testified with tears how the workshop help them to have a deeper relationship with True Mother and committed to do their mission with passion and devotion.

At the closing Ceremony, they all signed a Resolution to work for the implementation of the Johannesburg Declaration made by True Mother.

They were reassigned to Eswatini (Swaziland), Botswana, Kenya, Malawi, Namibia, South Africa, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe for a 43-Day condition. Their goal is to find 12 spiritual children each for a 7-Day workshop that is to take place before the end of the condition that started December 16, 2019.

The workshop was originally planned for 3 days but it was extended to 5 days. The Regional Group Chair took time off to really invest in these youth missionaries. He visited at least twice a day to see how things were going. At the end, he spent a whole day interviewing them one by one.

True Mother has really touched these youths. Their love for her is unquestionable. Many felt so honored to be part of True Mother’s security details at the FNB Stadium on December 7, 2019. They feel great hope for the future, thanks to True Mother’s love and grace!

We are eternally grateful to True Parents for their blessings upon Shin Africa!


Kayoung Tegwere – Second Generation

Thank you Heavenly Parent and True Parents for giving me this opportunity to reflect upon True Mother’s coming to Africa. Through this workshop, I want to build myself, manage myself and create a better environment for the present and future. It is a new beginning for me and I want to take full responsibility to establish the tradition of love, culture of heart and the word. During this period, I want to take the opportunity to connect to Heavenly Parent and True Parents, also to grow my heart and find my true self. I know I can do it, to become that good person with a good character and behavior. Firstly, I want to learn how to talk, act and to be confident according to the principle. Through the Declaration, I realized that I need internal training and growth of my heart. Whatever I will do. I will do it to contribute to the family, tribe, nation and world. This is a great experience in my life. I offer thanks to Heaven with a sincere heart. Despite, being a second generation, I will overcome difficulties and always stand in the front line as a heavenly soldier to support Heavenly Parent and True Parents. Thank you

Esnart Ga-eung Mumba – Second Generation

My  Korean name Ga eung (correct spelling) means “beautiful benefit”, and throughout my life I have definitely experienced a lot of Heavenly fortune, and even if I happened to not react in the way Heaven wishes me to, I’d always get some kind of warning, and also a parent figure who could guide me properly. For this, I am truly grateful, because not many people have had as many chances or opportunities as I have. In addition, I am grateful to Heavenly Parent for allowing us to offer indemnity conditions so that we can always be able to go back to His loving embrace as long as we are sincere. Considering that Heaven has made much effort for me to be here at this time in the Providence, where True Mother has made such an unprecedented declaration, it must then mean that I play a key role in the fulfillment of this Declaration.

I hereby resolve to do my best to be a filial daughter of Heaven who lives by the Principle, and helps others to do the same, and also always support True Mother in bringing about the substantial Cheon Il Guk here in Africa, and ultimately on earth…AJU!!

Misheal Kmupila Chimfwembe, First Generation

This has made me realize a lot of things. I used to stand on the wrong side, every time I find people talking about the Providence I would hear it but never use to put into action, but now I really want to work for the Providence.

Through knowing that Papa Ghomsi can make me realize why I have to realize that I need to receive the Blessing and that the Blessing will bring me more joy and more blessings. Because I never used to understand why the Blessing is coming to me; but I thank Papa he has made me understand.

For my mission, I stand here today as a Shin African Missionary. I want to work with True Mother. Today, I want to work for the Providence; I want to work for humanity. Today, I made my mind that God really needs my help, and it is not others, only me. I stand with Mother. I stand with True Parents.

The Providence is waiting for me!

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