Russia: Second Generation Workshop

By Renee Corley

On the 5th-7th of January, 2020, a Winter Workshop for second generation from Moscow gathered 76 participants from seven to 17 years old. The topic of the workshop was “Following the footsteps of True Mother.” Each participant had a unique opportunity to be a part of large family with many children of different ages.

The lectures were given according to different age groups. Based on True Parents’ lives the second generation could look at themselves and see how they can pay more attention to internal aspects of their lives, change some of their bad habits, understand, notice and deal with their fallen nature and create a space for God and True Parents to work in their lives. Our regional president Mr. Jack Corley gave his testimony of meeting with True Parents. Different games inside and outside, master classes in martial arts, drawing, sewing and making crafts kept everybody very busy during the first two days.

As True Mother was talking about restoring 7 nations and finding 7 keys, we made molds for casting a key for each team. Representatives of the first generation, Mr. and Mrs. Corley and Elena Kalmatskaya filled the base of the mold for the key with epoxy resin symbolizing the foundation made by the parents and then each team member added some sparkling materials to the key, symbolizing their desire to invest their talents and abilities for the joint efforts.

Each clan produced a “Challenge Calendar” beginning from that day until True Father’s birthday with the themes prayer, gratitude, HDH or filial piety. This is going to be a preparation for each child to take this challenge and make a positive change before True Father’s birthday. In a beautiful ceremony when each person made an offering of his or her determination they received a small pendant made from the same material as the keys.

Children from seven to 13 years old went home in the early evening on sixth of January. The older second generation stayed for one more day. They played a special game to learn about themselves and how others see them. They also heard from Andrew Love of “High Noon” a very important talk on “Heavenly sexuality” through a Zoom link. Following that, the girls and boys discussed some points from his lecture separately and had time to write a letter to their parents opening up about some of their mistakes or difficulties they are going through. In this way, each one of them could make a substantial step in developing closer relationships with their parents and confessing some things in a much safer way.

A heartfelt sharing about the workshop after watching a movie concluded the seminar.

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