Russia: Moscow Workshop Inspires Second-Generation Teens

Prepared by FFWPU Russia

A one-day workshop was held in Moscow on December 20, 2019, for Second Generation between the ages of 14 and 17 years old. Forty-five participants came from Belarus, Moldova and Russia to the Moscow Peace Embassy to hear words of wisdom from Rev. In Pyo Moon. During this short time the young people received vital guidance on finding their own core of faith, how to discover and develop their unique talents, and how and why to keep purity of love in a very practical and reasonable way.

Since the workshop coincided with preparations for the Cheonbo event in Moscow on December 21 and 22, and some of the participants were on the Chanyang team, everybody had a chance to join a one-hour Chanyang practice. In the evening everyone was deeply moved by the heartfelt testimony given by Jeong-hye Yeom, the leader of Youth and Students for Peace (YSP) for the Europe/Middle East region. She spoke about the struggles she has experienced in her life of faith and how she finally came to see them as blessings, and how she came to chose the way of full-time devotion to Heavenly Parent and True Parents. After the workshop everyone was truly uplifted and joined the Cheonbo event with this kind of spirit.

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