Poland: Winter Workshop for Baltic Teens

Prepared by FFWPU Poland

From December 27, 2019 to January 1, 2020 eight elder second-generation children from Lithuania and Estonia, members of Baltic HARP, participated in an international winter workshop at the Glanow Training Center in Poland.

The seminar was organized and led by elder second-generation children from Poland and Hungary.

Two teens from Lithuania, Andranik Karagezian (who this year attended the STF Europe one- year program) and his brother Artūr Karagezian, were attending as team leaders.

The seminar was held in a very high spiritual atmosphere. Of course, this was greatly facilitated by the deep lectures of William Haines from the United Kingdom, the morning Hoon Dok Hwe conditions and discussion by teams, and inspirational morning services given by the elder children.

The workshop included a very special program called “Understanding Generations,” which consisted of two parts. In the first part, first-generation elders—Poland FFWPU national leaders Christopher and Marta Kral and Lithuania FFWPU national leader Aram Karagezian—described their inner experiences with God and True Parents in their life of faith.

In the second part, the elders answered questions from the children. On the evening of December 31, the day ended with a reflection on the year 2019, goal setting for 2020, and a prayer at the Holy Ground, after which everyone loudly proclaimed to Heaven their resolve and resolution for 2020.

I and the Baltic HARP team sincerely thank the organizers and hosts of the seminar for the wonderful few days spent in an atmosphere filled with true love and blessings.


Ola Brzyska, workshop director: Beloved True Mother and dearest brothers and sisters, warm greetings from Poland! We have just completed a 5 day international workshop, gathering over 50 participants and staff members from 11 different countries. We were able to come together and through various activities learn about the heart of a child, trying to understand the stories that shape us and to cultivate the hope and habit of always looking up. We had the honour of listening to amazing content shared by our lecturer William Haines as well as various testimonies and activities led by both 1st and 2nd generation alike. We were able to create a deep, focused and open atmosphere that enabled all the participants to finish the year 2019 in a truly unified way and start 2020 together with our Heavenly Parent, inviting Him to all that awaits us in the months to come.

I want to express my deep gratitude to everyone who has supported this workshop through prayers, advice and of course participation. Because of all of our joint effort we could create an environment where God was present and support our brothers and sisters in their paths to growth, understanding and deepening their relationships to our Heavenly Parent. I want to wish all of you the most wonderful year, full of connections of heart, love and the strength to fulfill all the goals and proclamations so many of us set in this time.

All the best and God bless you,

LOOK UP CHILD - Glanów Winter Workshop 2019

Some photos and videos can be found here

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