Poems about the Mother of Humanity by Rev. Seong Man Lee

Rev. Seong Man Lee, Vice President of FFWPU Japan, wrote two poems about True Mother’s heart and devotion during her 40-Day Cosmic Canaan Course for the Firm Establishment of Cheon Il Guk, which began on Monday, November 18, 2019, leading up to the Clergy Rally on December 28 in Newark, New Jersey. Rev. Lee read his poems in front of True Mother, who, being so inspired by them, asked for them to be translated into English and shared with members around the world.

As You Are the Mother of Humanity, the Mother of Peace, We Call You Our Heavenly Mother

December 28, 2019

Our Heavenly Parent’s first son and daughter, the Only Begotten Son and Only Begotten Daughter, True Parents, walk on a path

Of which no map exists,

A path that no one has gone,

And one that must be newly forged.

Heavenly Parent, an endless road to the ends of the earth in search of Your Son,

A lifelong perilous road to the ends of the earth in search of Your Daughter,

The cross is nailed into Your heart like a huge mountain,

You say that humankind are all orphans

But You wander through the wilderness again

Bearing the burden of 7.7 billion people’s sorrow alone.

True Mother, your 40-day world tour for the settlement of a heavenly world

Was the providence to cross the apex of the settlement of Cheon Il Guk.

Your tour was 40 calendar days

Yet, its significance and sentiment was a journey of ten thousand years.

True Mother, you embraced Buddhists in Cambodia and Taiwan,

You embraced Muslims in Niger,

You embraced the Revelation Church of God in South Africa

As well as Catholics in the Dominican Republic.

You embraced those in the position of servants and adopted children along with your own sons and daughters.

Everyone is held in your loving arms.

Mother, because you pave new roads that lead the way

Buddhists, Muslims, and Christians

Embraced by you will all confess in one voice,

“You are the Mother of Humanity, the Mother of Peace

The living Heavenly Mother.”

Wherever you visit, you awaken the era of a civilization of heart and the civilization of the Pacific Rim,

Permeated with interdependence, mutual prosperity and universally shared values.

And so, we say the new path paved in Cambodia

Representing Asia and 1.7 billion overseas—

Chinese, South Africa, Palau of Oceania, and the Dominican Republic of Central and South America

Through your love and wisdom is the path everyone must follow.

True Parents and the Only Begotten Daughter, our Mother!

You travel across the world once but opened twelve pathways.

The continents shake and respond to you, yet

To open up another pathway that connects the world

You have come to the elder son nation, Heavenly America.

The two thousand years of Christian history

Took place as the providence for receiving the Only Begotten Daughter.

The second coming of Jesus was for the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

However, the Messiah that Judaism waited four thousand years for was crucified on the cross

And the returning Lords, True Parents, that Christianity waited two thousand years for

Endured a lifelong cross of persecution.

These two crosses are still the irony of a sad history.

The one who said, “I will return,” has already come.

True Father, you took the clothes off your back and walked a thousand miles together with us

Feeding us even though your own children were unfed.

Still, the one who was prophesied by the Apostle John was imprisoned behind bars.

Blaspheming True Parents as the anti-Christ and cult leader

Korean Christianity blocked your paths for over half a century.

Mobilizing all of the world’s precious hands and feet,

True Parents, you carefully invested the generous (monetary) contribution sacrificed by our members.

You spent thirteen years as a living sacrifice during all times of the day and night

As the saviors of a burning and sick America.

Yet, America returned the favor by placing True Father behind cold bars in Danbury Prison.

Jesus said a prayer on the cross that asked God to forgive the people for they did not know what they did.

Mother, that prayer still rings in your ears

Because they could not recognize

The essence of Heavenly Parent nor Jesus.

Mother, you do not abandon us,

You do not forget us even for a second,

You never let go of our lifeline, the line of love.

Mother, you hold us to your bosom of true love

With your broad wings.

Calling world clergy to the Manhattan Center

You inaugurated the World Clergy Leadership Conference (WCLC).

There, you testified to and spoke proudly

Of the Only Begotten Son and Only Begotten Daughter of God.

This proclamation was like a band of new trumpets of the golden era of Heaven

Awakening 2.3 billion sleeping Christian souls.

True Parents, you came and opened the gates to Cheon Il Guk

And said, “Come in.”

You began a new mission to lead world Christianity

To the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind

And laid down the groundwork for the settlement of Cheon Il Guk.

Our Only Begotten Daughter, True Mother,

To come to this point

For this day to come

You shed tears of devotion on a global stage

Your long path of blood and sweat blossoms into flowers

Today marks the third day of the 12th month in the 7th year of Cheon Il Guk

At the Newark Prudential Center

A mountain of people were prepared for the WCLC Rally of Hope for a heavenly world

Yet a sea of people are still waiting for you.

The event was the great works of rebirth by the living Holy Spirit.

It was the triumph of labor, the triumph of truth, and the triumph of true love.

Through embracing world Christianity

You are paving the way out to the world

Opening the door wide to nations in the Christian cultural sphere.

True Mother, on your 40-day world course for the firm settlement of a heavenly world

You have embraced and loved fourteen times in fourteen nations.

Mother, your heart is wider than the skies and deeper than the oceans

Bearing the history and embracing all mankind

As well as the five oceans and six continents.

You crossed over 14 peaks and embraced the entire world.

In your arms, everybody in the world confesses,

“You are the Mother of Humanity, the Mother of Peace.

We call you our Heavenly Mother.”

Ah! I can see the joyous Garden of Heaven.

Do You Know the Meaning Behind Mother’s Tears on that Day?

December 28, 2019

Looking back, the Clergy Rally is a reunion after six thousand years.

This feeling cannot be put into words.

After Adam’s Lost Paradise and the Second Adam’s cross,

For the first time in six thousand years, the True Parents have appeared.

Heavenly Parent,

For two thousand years, You planted the seeds of the Gospel in every corner of the world;

You raised up the inner being with love

All for the sake of Your first love, the Only Begotten Son and Daughter.

Therefore, Heaven’s providence is such that

If you are Christian, then just like the three wise men,

You know the day True Parents were born

Is a day to return glory and attend and receive them.

Even if you were overcome with sleep, starting from the day of True Parents’ Holy Wedding,

You felt compelled to go the path of the filial son and daughter that never existed before in history.

My son! My daughter!

Even though You called out to Your children with all Your might while shedding tears, it remained an echo.

You tried again and again to embrace them but they wouldn’t let You

Only after the environment changed six times

Did they finally recognize and encounter You.

That day, righteous men representing world Christianity:

South African Prophet Radebe,

And this era’s Rome, America’s Bishop Noel Jones,

Grew to become John the Baptist for True Parents

And boldly testified about Mother, the Only Begotten Daughter, to all the people of the world

And praised, attended, and followed her.

So, the World Christian clergy and Christians are well on their wa

And setting the example.

The two John the Baptists paved the way for

The Mother of Humankind, the Mother of Peace, to walk freely

And as the emotions of today and yesterday intersect

You wept and shed tears.

Just as great pain heals small pains

One must shed even more intense tears

In order to wash away the other tears.

The tears of the substantial Holy Spirit,

The great work of washing away tears with tears, is unfolding.

Mother, with your tears you washed away the endless tears that Heavenly Parent shed during the long period of six thousand years.

You stopped the waterfall of tears that was cascading from True Father

And you also stopped Jesus’ tears full of bitter pain.

You even washed away elder brother Hyo Jin and Heung Jin’s tears that they shed internally.

Even if someone else were to cry a river, it could not replace your tears.

This is when I came to know the meaning of Mother’s tears

Mother’s tears come down as the rain.

Everyone’s hearts and bodies are soaked with her tears;

Everyone is soaked to the bone.

We follow Mother and shed tears–

Tears of repentance, tears of confession, tears of determination;

We are still lacking, but together with you, Mother,

We shed tears as your sons and daughters.

You planted the seeds of the Word with tears onto

The World Christian clergy.

You watered them with your tears of love

And every day some of them grow

Into amazing, beautiful, and fragrant flowers,

Which will soon bloom into flowers of Hyojeong.

That day, through Mother’s deep tears,

Everyone opened their spiritual eyes

And realized the meaning of those tears and inherited them.

We will always remember that they are

tears of joy, tears of abundance, and tears of gratitude.

We engrave into our bones and imprint into our minds

The meaning of Mother’s tears that day.

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