Italy: HARP Winter Workshop

By Italian HARP Committee

From the 28th December 2019 to the 3rd January 2020, at the Family Federation center in Colle Mattia, the Italian HARP workshop was held, for high school students of our movement. We had 24 participants, from all over the country, together with 12 staff members.

The motto of the workshop was “Blooming. Be your own Spiritual Lighthouse”, which encapsulates different teachings and messages. First of all, “blooming” expresses the potential inside each of us and the action of displaying it to the world, in all its beauty. For this manifestation to happen, it requires awareness. This awareness brings us to the next image, the lighthouse, that brightens up the night, tracing the route for ships. The goal of each of us is to become a spiritual lighthouse for ourselves and others.

The participants were grouped in four teams, which served as family for them for the whole workshop.

The workshop schedule has been very full of activities. Every morning the participants gathered for HoonDokHoi, taken from True Parents’ words. Every day had a specific theme/topic, which directed the lectures and activities. The lectures addressed different subjects: True Mother’s story, purity, prayer, Divine Principle, the spirit world and ancestors.

The activities’ purpose was for the participants to understand themselves more deeply, their qualities, their difficulties, in the spirit of a united family. One evening was dedicated to the study and presentation of the Divine Principle. We challenged the participants both in the assigned sections and in the presentation in front of everybody else of what they had studied in their team. An important moment was dedicated to sharing and discussing over themes linked to purity and heavenly lifestyle, divided between brothers and sisters. Another evening was devoted to prayer. We all prayed together and communicated with God.

The Challenge Day, day in which the participants are tested in several ways, took place at a local park, at Tuscolo. The activities were in order to encourage them to be determined people, to support each other as a team, to think deeply about their own lives, to endure in difficulties, to offer themselves for a higher purpose.

The last evening, we had the Family Evening, in which some of the participants and staff shared their talents and passions, which resulted in a very enjoyable evening for everybody.

As staff of the workshop, we had been very satisfied and happy, for the involvement of each of the participants, for the interest shown in the lectures and the effort put in the activities. We wish to see all of them next year and we invite everyone to participate in the next precious occasion

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