Israel: The First Israeli Family Festival 2020 celebrating True Parents’ Centenary

By Hod Ben Zvi, FFWPU Israel

Happy 53rd True Heavenly Parent’s Day!

On January 24th, 2020, we held our first Family Festival to celebrate True Parents’ Centenary which was held in Daliat El Carmel, Israel. Some 150 people gathered at Yad Labanim Hall in Daliat El Carmel from 4 different faiths: Druze, Jews, Moslems, and Christians. Despite the bitter cold (the hall wasn’t heated) the participants were in high spirits.

The program featured a large display of True Parents’ accomplishment, Senior AFP praising True Parents’ life work, reading from True Father’s biography, as well as a variety of entertainment: Druze Dance troupe, an oud player, Joggler, Arabic singer and a clown.

The event concluded with distributing True Father’s biography books and an award ceremony for good families.

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