How to Expand Heavenly Tribal Messiah Mission?

By Stephan and Diana Winter

My name is Stephan Winter. I am the second son of Kevin and Evelyne WInter, original 1975 missionaries to Africa and direct assistants to UPF Africa Chair Kathrine Rigney for over 40 years. Together with my wife Diana Fischer Winter, we would like to introduce you to an amazing opportunity to expand the Tribal Massiah Mission in a faster and more efficient manner.

What if I told you there was a way to multiply your Heavenly Tribal Messiah results by 10X and raise the money you need within the same time it took you to plan your regular weekly divine principle workshop?

Interested? Here is some background information first.

What is this about?

Nigeria's SECRET of Success in Heavenly Tribal Messiah
 General Introduction Video

My wife, Diana, and I are well aware of our beloved True Parent’s hope for all of us to accomplish our Tribal Messiah responsibilities, and we are witnessing members all over the world doubling their efforts on building their tribes and bringing fantastic results.

One particular approach we all have noticed that is proving to bring substantial results in greater value is in reaching Christian ministers. As in the case with ACLC in America which recently evolved into WCLC.

I would like to pick one particular case study in Nigeria. In the summer of 2019, my wife and I traveled to Nigeria to document and support UPF Nigeria and FFWPU Nigeria. We traveled around Nigeria documenting the newly developed 2 days Divine Principle workshops given to Christian ministers (click here for video introduction link ) which has resulted in over 50,000 couple blessings in Benue State alone within 2 months. That’s right, I said 2 months. Nigeria has developed a successful system on educating about the marriage blessing taught to religious Christian leaders, with an amazing response from the ministers.

Our quest in Nigeria was focused on how we can help Nigeria to bring even more results in a shorter time, with fewer efforts? Better yet, how can their success help other

countries? Nigeria has only 3 FFWPU leaders responsible for giving the main lectures all over the country and the demand was too much.

In response to what we witnessed, my wife and I developed a DVD documenting the 2-day lectures accompanied with video testimonials from the Christian ministers. We started a campaign on the internet to reduce the worldwide epidemic of family breakdown by introducing people to the “Interfaith Marriage Peace Blessing,” as the solution, using Nigeria as an example.

All these efforts were done in unity with and approval of the Regional leader of West Africa, Rev. George Ogurie and the Nigerian National leader Rev. Imo Nkanta.

How we did it

In Nigeria, we produced a DVD on “Introduction to the Interfaith Marriage Peace Blessing,” and started distribution to members with the following 3 goals:

  1. Witnessing/ education tool for Christians (Helping God’s will)
  2. fundraising for FFWPU Nigeria Blessing projects (whole purpose)
  3. Supporting blessed families with financial support (Individual purpose)

This project was tested by launching a one-month test trial with the help of the members in Abuja, Nigeria. We offered reward money as an incentive for the first participant who sold 100 DVDs in a 30 day period. This included selling to Christian ministers during the 2-day workshops.

The results

We produced over 500 DVDs and sold them all within the first month.

Second-generation members were fundraising with the DVDs and made the goal in only 2 weeks. This meant that they contributed to witnessing the Blessing and generated 100,000 Nigerian Nairas ($276) to the blessed family department. And for themselves, they made the equivalent of one month’s salary in two weeks, plus the price money. This is our opinion is a win-win system to motivate blessed members to participate in sharing the Blessing of our True Parents to others.

How can this benefit you?

  1. These DVD contains information on how to teach Christian ministers who have a larger influence which produces faster and greater results than if you were to continue going to normal individuals.
  2. It will increase your confidence to share the blessing. 3.It will increase your skill in sharing the Blessing.
  3. It will connect you to others who are prepared by God to receive the blessing.
  4. It will inspire you and remind you just how powerful the Blessing is that you have received. 6.It will awaken your spirit and desire to share the Blessing.

How Can ONE DVD Stop the Global Family Breakdown Epidemic?

How Is This DVD Saving Families?
Join the Campaign and share this video from youtube on social media sites

Introduction video for Christian Ministers

Interfaith Peace Marriage Blessing in Nigeria
This video is played at all the Workshops for Christian Ministers in Nigeria

Testimonial video from Christian Ministers in Nigeria

God's Hope for Nigeria-HTM
This video is called, “God’s Hope for Nigeria”

How can you get a personal copy of the DVD?

  1. You can go to our website: or skip this step and start with #2 below
  2. Send your donation of 25 Euros through PayPal, at this email address-
  3. You will receive an MP4 Video link via your personal email.

How does purchasing a DVD help Nigeria’s HTM work?

Donations for the DVD is divided between funding this project and supporting Nigeria HTM projects. Educators for the 2-day blessing workshops have to travel around Nigeria on their own private money which limits them from responding to the huge demands. The support money will help remove this issue and provide more funding for greater efforts.

How can you start the same project in your area/country?

If you are interested please send me an email at

I sincerely would like to thank you for your time and all the efforts you have made already to create a world of True Love. On behave of my family to yours, I wish you a successful new year.

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