How One Family Was Caught Up in God’s Providence – Part 3

God calls us at times when we are not expecting it. Many of us who joined the church can attest to this. Yet sometimes when people respond to God’s call, He brings them to a front line they could never have imagined because He is entrusting members of a family with special providential responsibilities.

This testimony was written some 35 years ago, in the mid-1980s.

by Dr. Joon-Ho Seuk

Part 3 of 3 (Click to read Part 1 and Part 2)

After that mission, I came back to Seoul to become regional director of CARP in the Saemaul Haksa region. In February 1972 I came to the United States and participated in Father’s first seven-city tour. During Father’s public speeches, I sat next to Mother. It was really an unforgettable blessing for me. I felt immense warmth and personal love from her.

After this experience, I was given the mission to check and correct the contents of the English Divine Principle transcription (the original black book), which was first translated into English by my mother. We had hired someone from outside our church family to correct the English, but because he didn’t know the Principle at all, his corrections caused some substantial changes in the contents. I had to check every single word in the book.

Taking on the Leadership of CARP

In 1978 I became a CARP advisor in Washington DC. One year later Father gave me a new mission at the Unification Theological Seminary. I became an assistant to the president, and treasurer as well. I endeavored to establish Father’s tradition at the seminary, and I conveyed every speech of Father to the seminarians. While there I got the inspiration to found a new unified martial art, Wonhwa-do. I sought to incorporate in it the best of all martial arts, centering on Unificationism.

On January 2, 1983, Father gave me another mission-I was to be the national director of CARP. I never thought I would receive such a responsible mission. I felt that I was not ready, that I needed more training at the seminary. My physical condition was not good. During my life at the seminary, I had lost almost 20 pounds, and my back and stomach were becoming weaker. I had to keep a special diet. I made every effort to improve my health, but all my efforts were in vain. I was afraid I had cancer. I went to see a lot of doctors and took many tests, but they could not find anything. My health has not improved even today. I have become very serious and I often think, “If I have cancer and die, what will be the meaning and value of my life? Have I made a strong enough commitment to God? Have I done my best? Have I lived the kind of life that I will not regret?”

Father gave me this CARP mission even though he knew my health problem. I received the inspiration that Heavenly Father would give me good health if I really committed my life 100 percent to Him and to His will. If I receive good health, I know it doesn’t belong to me, but to God. If I don’t use my good health for Him, my health will eventually deteriorate. Through this, I know Heavenly Father wants me to become more serious. So now I have no choice—I must either commit myself 100 percent, or die.

Reconciliation and God’s Principle

In 1974 my father visited me for the first time since I had left home. He met my wife and liked her very much. He began to change his concepts about our church. When he went back to Korea, he praised my wife to his friends, saying, “Even though she is a Unification Church member, she is a really wonderful daughter-in-law. I like her very much.” He visited us again in 1979, to see my children. At that point he changed completely and became positive about the church. I testified about Father and our movement to him. He even stayed in the World Mission Center and had dinner with Rev. Kwak. After watching a videotape on the science conference, my father said, “Rev. Moon is really a remarkable person. I really respect him.” My elder brother signed membership, and my younger brother also became supportive.

In Moses’ course, we can see that before God gave blessings to Moses and the Israelites, He gave them trials and hardships in order to separate them from Satan and prevent Satan’s accusation. I know if I invest myself with utter sincerity for Heavenly Father, the spirit world can be mobilized and help us. In my house there is a plaque with Father’s calligraphy written on May 1, 1975, that says: “Utmost sincerity moves Heaven.” That is my personal motto.

Heavenly Father sends trials and sufferings before He sends blessings. We should overcome any difficulties with a grateful heart and absolute faith in God. I want to become a frontline soldier for God, even willing to give my life to do His will. When I die, I want to die without any regret.

Some notable encounters with Father and Mother

Some years ago when Heung Jin Nim had his accident and was in critical condition, I visited Father and Mother at the hospital. They had just come from Korea. Mother was crying and the atmosphere in the room was very somber and heavy. But when Father saw me he said, “Oh, CARP has come! How are the CARP members?” That was Father’s first greeting to me. Even under those solemn circumstances, he expressed a deep heart of love and care for the members.

On October 25, 1985, I visited Father at the Danbury prison and spoke with him for six hours. I had never spoken to Father in such an intimate setting before. There was a little table in the visiting area where we could talk face to face. I was speaking with Father so closely he could probably smell the kimchee on my breath.

Father even sent me a personal letter from Danbury, with his own signature. He wrote down the three major areas of responsibility for CARP and for myself. Through this I could feel Father’s great concern for CARP.

One day in May 1984, Mother invited me to go on a drive with her to visit the beautiful Mt. Holyoke campus where Un Jin Nim would be attending school that autumn. Upon our return, we stopped somewhere to eat. I was preparing to order for Mother and myself but she told me “Oh, I will order for you.” She didn’t even ask what I wanted but just went ahead and ordered for me. While we were eating, Mother asked me many things about my family and children.

Then she asked, “Have you ever fought with your wife?”

I told her “Yes, Mother, sometimes.”

“Who wins?” she asked.

I answered, “I always lose.”

Mother smiled, and I felt Mother’s deep compassion.

After that, Mother took me to a department store and bought two summer suits; one was meant for me and one for Father. Except for the size, they were identical. I knew this was an expression of Mother’s love, not for just me but symbolically for all our members.

* * *

My CARP motto includes the content, “Advance Father’s plan.” This means that CARP should do things before receiving any direction, and do even more than True Parents expect.

After his time with CARP, Dr. Seuk went on to other projects such as the International Educational Foundation’s work to teach family values in Russia and China. His work included the creation of excellent publications for helping teachers instill moral values in young people. As head of the Northeast region, he was active in Central and East Asian countries to prepare for and support True Parents’ speaking tours (including Mother’s visit to Beijing, China) during which time he boldly found ways to overcome official opposition to True Parents giving their message. In 2008, Dr. Seuk was assigned as the head of the World Mission Headquarters in Seoul.

Dr. and Mrs. Seuk live in the Seoul metropolitan area and although they are at retirement age, they are still actively engaged in the movement.

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