Estonia: Elderly Estonians Receive Love and Blessing

Prepared by FFWPU Estonia

Members in Estonia visited a nursing home in Tallinn, the capital, to help the elderly residents celebrate Christmas and New Year.

The December 19 event was organized by the Lüüra organization and our Ambassador for Peace Mrs. Arina Han. The old people living in this home have almost no relatives to visit them; that is why we decided to pay attention to them.

In the beginning everyone introduced themselves. Next, Mrs. Olga Martinson, the national leader of FFWPU, read aloud a beautiful Christmas poem. Then everyone drank a holy drink. Those who were lying in their bed received the holy drink in their room. A total of 40 persons received the Blessing.

After that there was a concert by the members of Lüüra, singing songs and reading poems that they themselves had composed. There was a joyful and sincere atmosphere, and everyone was satisfied and happy. It was a good experience of how to take care of elderly people.

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