Denmark: Christian Ecumenical Lunch Prayer Meeting

By Nobuhiro Igarashi

As we know, the WCLC conference and rally were very successful in USA. One Christian pastor from Denmark joined the program and he was so inspired. It was also a good opportunity that our North regional director, Dr. David Hanna and his wife Kyungja, visited us on 3 January, so we had a Christian ecumenical lunch prayer meeting on 4 January, 2020 in Copenhagen.

Two Christian pastors and Christians who come from different denominations, e.g. Lutheran church, Pentecostal church, Catholic, Orthodox and our members gathered.

Pastor Chris Oduro who joined the WCLC conference and rally shared his experience. He especially emphasized that he felt peace will come soon because Christian denominations are going forward to unity centering on True Mother.

Dr. David Hanna told us the meaning of WCLC, facts on the conference and rally, True Mother’s world tour and victory and her speech. This helped all participants to understand what is going on in the world, so that they felt strong hope in the future.

Finally, we had a unison prayer hand in hand. All participants felt the Holy Spirit and prayed loudly for peace and harmony of Christian denominations.

After that we had lunch together with sharing in a good spiritual atmosphere. Nobody wanted to leave early. True Mother’s victory came to us, and we could start the new year feeling it.

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