Bhutan: Peace Road 2019

Prepared by FFWPU Bhutan

We hold our Peace Road 2019 on November 12, 2019 in a Buddhist School, in Thimphu.

We had 31 participants. President of FFWPU-Bhutan Mr. Binod Dangi, gave the short briefing of the vision and goal of Peace road project.

Former member of Parliament, Hon. Pema Drukpa was the Chief Guest of the program as said that “UPF-Bhutan is doing really good activities and it goes beyond religious, races and nationality. I hope this peace road program can bring peace in the Bhutan & the world. And he added that “conflict and fighting cannot achieve anything but through peace we can do many things such as uniting the races, nationality and religion.

There were 2 Ambassadors for Peace join the Peace Road Program. They were so happy joining in this program. And at the end, FFWPU Bhutan donated a small donation to the School.

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