Austria: HARP Winter Workshop 2019

Prepared by FFWPU Austria

From the 27th of December until the 2nd of January a Harp Winter WS took place in Gaflenz. It has been a great opportunity for a lot of second Gens to spend some time together, hear various types of content through lectures and activities, but also have fun with each other. The number of participants attending the workshop was 16.

The core staff of the WS was composed by Tanja Hirschmann as WS Director, Michael Suarez as workshop Coordinator, Beatrice Kiedler as MC, Mario Czerny as General Affairs and Valerio Vespa as Sports Coordinator.

Apart from the content, which will be seen more in detail later in the report, some big happenings during the workshop where a Challenge day that trained the participants’ bodies and minds, as well as a Challenge night that contributed to pulling everyone out of the comfort zone.

Other activities that took place in this week where various team building activities, sports, internal activities to find out more about one self and testimonies from elder brothers and sisters from the 1st as well as 2nd generation.

Moving on to the content: as a first thing it’s important to spend some words on the WS Motto. The Motto was “Harp and the book of secrets” and book of secrets has to be intended as the Divine Principle. The Divine Principle truly is our book of secrets, revealing Heavenly truths that have remain unknown for so long in history.

That is why such book took a consistent chunk of the internal content for this year. It was explained how the Divine Principle originated, how much work, investment and suffering was needed for this book to be born. In order to best explain the origins of the Divine Principle it was necessary to also explain the life course of the True Parents, both True Father and True Mother. By getting to know all the difficulties and suffering that they had to go through, the participants were able to understand better the value of the Divine Principle.

Of course, the main purpose was not only to understand the importance of this book. Instead, we needed to get to know the content of the Divine Principle. That is why parts of the content were dedicated to God’s ideal of creation and to the Fall that didn’t make it possible. One lecture also briefly focused on the history of restoration. The participants had the chance to engage themselves actively with the Divine Principle, by reading sections of it and explaining them in front of the rest of the group.

Toward the end of the WS, after having understood the meaning of the Divine Principle, getting to know True Parents’ life course and some important parts of the Divine Principle, one more topic was the present time. The role of True Mother and the current time where the focus of the content during the last lectures.

Surely bigger and smaller challenges didn’t miss during these six days, but the WS always moved on successfully and from the feedbacks of everyone present we can conclude that it was a valuable time, during which people could learn different things and could strengthen their bonds as brothers and sisters.

We sincerely hope that we will have many more opportunities to hold such WS and that they will always be source of inspiration and growth for participants as well as staff.

As Harp committee the core staff wants to send special thanks to everyone that made this experience possible, from the kitchen staff (Ilse Steiner, Alina Czerny and Vera Ladstätter) to our media staff (Tobias Moshammer), from our main lecturer (Bogdan Pammer) to our WS parents (Jose and Petra Suarez). Thank you also to everyone that contributed even for a shorter time to the WS program and to Joseph and Avanir Schenkermayr for allowing us to be in Gaflenz.

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