United Kingdom: Reflections from CheonBo Special Event

Prepared by FFWPU UK

We held a 2-day CheonBo Special event on November 23, 24, 2019 in Ealing Town Hall, London with 320 participants.


Fumiyo Vanalderwelt, female, 55; “Thank you, Heavenly Parent and True Parents. Before I started the changyang session I went to the prayer  room and I started to  feel:  “I stay in Jeong Shim Won prayer hall” in the CheonBo training centre. During the changyang session, I felt very peaceful and focused. I prayed in the prayer room after the session and I realized “REPENTENCE” and I understood that I didn’t recognize what is “REPENTENCE”. I should be able to recognize my limitations. During Rev. In Pyo Moon’s special lecture, he talked about “Responsibly”. If I don’t make effort, I cannot understand my limitation and it won’t be possible to understand “REPENTENCE”. I shed a lot of tears during this workshop. I offered my heart and devotion to my Heavenly Parent and True Parents. I will make more effort to walk with True  Mother. Thanks to Rev. In Pyo Moon and all the staff who helped organize this event. Take care and see you soon!”

 Anonymous, female, 61: “I want to express my gratitude for the amazing grace of the Hyojeong Offering Ceremony. It is the 3rd time I’ve participated in the ceremony, however, just once I offered wish papers by myself. Still, it is a most beautiful and holy time and the grace given to us is more than words can express. It is a gift from True Parents. Every time I am moved to tears by their love and grace. I feel my ancestors rejoice. I felt they are telling me that this is unbelievable. No one else but our True Parents can grant anything more precious than this. Thank you!”

Anonymous, female, 28: “I came to the CheonBo workshop in Ealing this morning to participate in the Sunday schedule. My journey started very early and I travelled for 4 hours. As the ancestor liberation began and I took my seat to join in, I couldn’t stop crying. I felt that True Parents have been waiting for me and I finally arrived home. I was feeling lighter after the changyang staff members had been hitting my head.”

Anonymous, female: “I have a lot of pain in my heart – from problems in my family – that I have tried for a long time to resolve. Today  I felt a lot of love from  Heavenly Parent  and I was told to just let it go, to think of comforting and liberating my heart and those of my suffering children. A great peace came to me and I felt liberated and healed.”

Rusi Beazer, female, 66: “My testimony is connected to the last UK CheonBo event (June 16th), after about 1 week, I had to see my Grand Parents because of breathing difficulties. Grand Mother wouldn’t let me drive home and sent me straight for checking. She said I would have a heart attack at any moment. I spend 6 days in the hospital and doctors found out I have a hole in the heart. I felt grateful and thought because of the wish papers God saved my life.”

Anonymous, male, 69: “The CheonBo workshop is always good for me because every time God gives me a different kind of grace. I went to the prayer room after the Changyang session and I prayed. And then God gave me firm direction. It gave me liberation because I have been thinking about my direction. During the Changyang session I remembered my participation of the 40-day workshop in Cheonpyeong in 1996 and it gave me strong encouragement. Thank you.”

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