True Peace Magazine November 2019 Issue

Prepared by True Peace Magazine Team

Main contents of this issue

1.     ARTICLE ONE: True Mother’s Salvific Love for All the World’s Nations


  • The Mission of the Media in the Twenty-First Century
  • The Mission of the Chosen People
  • The Chosen’s People’s Responsibilities from the Viewpoint of God’s Providence in the Last Days
  • How to Realize the Dream of a Peaceful World


4.     ACLC at Cheongpyeong: Indigenous Wisdom is Superior to Artificial Wisdom

5.     ACLC at Cheon Bok Gung: True Mother’s Perseverance, Be the Light of the World, When One’s True Nature Emerges

6.     ENVIRONMENT: 1989–2019: From the Iron Curtain to a Green Belt

7.     CULTURE: Kimjang, a Communal Activity Dear to the Heart

8.     TESTIMONY: My Journey, My Faith

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