True Mother at the African Continental Summit & Family Renewal Festival in Niger

True Mother, gave the main address at the Opening Ceremony of the African Continental Summit in Niger held at the Palais Des Congrès in Niamey, Niger on November 28, 2019.

Heads of state and leaders from various nations who love true peace! And in particularly the President of Niger who has hosted this conference, the Prime Minister and members of the Cabinet! Yesterday, when I was saluted by the military guard of honor, I marveled at how handsome and manly the young people of Niger can be. As God’s only begotten Daughter and the True Mother, I wanted to adopt them as my sons.

Today, we are longing for peace. Unfortunately, the world is becoming increasingly immersed in war, conflict, and confusion. This means that peace cannot come about through human-centered efforts, ideologies, or regulations. In order to achieve true peace, we must know the essence of our Creator, the Owner of this universe. Our Creator created this universe and all things in it, in His image. As the conclusion of His creation, He created a man and a woman as the first human ancestors. He gave them responsibilities they had to achieve through a period of growth. However, when we look at the world today, humankind has become a fallen people who do not live up to the Creator’s expectations and hopes.

Our Creator is omniscient and omnipotent. His beginning and end are the same. He is unchanging and eternal. Hence, the issue is that God gave humankind responsibility. As a result, a man and woman who have completed their responsibility as the ancestors of humanity must emerge from among fallen humankind. God, inevitably therefore, had to conduct His providence of salvation. From among fallen humankind, He chose a nation that at least loved God, and conducted His providence of salvation of restoration through indemnity until the people could grow from mere individuals to tribes, ethnic groups and finally form a nation. Finally, after 4,000 years, God could finally send His only begotten Son through the people of Israel. Unfortunately, people did not know the essence of God’s only begotten Son. Even Mary, who had given birth to God’s only begotten Son, did not understand that. As a result, God’s only begotten Daughter could not appear next to God’s only begotten Son, whom God had sent after 4,000 years of tremendous effort. Though he promised that he would return, Jesus ended up going the path of the cross. This led to the 2,000-year providential history of Christianity.

Christianity began after Jesus’ apostles, who were waiting for Jesus who had promised to return, were reborn through the works of the Holy Spirit. After being acknowledged in Rome in 313 AD, Christianity moved beyond the Italian Peninsula, spread out to the European continent, and reached the island nation of Great Britain. Great Britain was also building an empire on which it was said the sun never set. It spread out to the world holding the Bible. Unfortunately, they also did not know the essence of Jesus. Jesus taught, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Instead, they prioritized their national interests in the mission countries they went to, and in the end came to be a civilization that took away from those countries.

God chose a people from among all of humankind through whom He could send His only begotten Daughter. God conducted His providence through the Korean Peninsula in Asia and His only begotten Daughter was born from within the Christian foundation in 1943. A new providential history began through the birth of God’s only begotten Daughter.

In the beginning, the Creator gave human beings a period of growth. God’s only begotten Daughter was born in 1943. Korea was liberated in 1945. With liberation came the division of Korea into North and South, between communism and democracy. The Korean War, however, broke out in 1950 when South Korea had yet to establish its democratic system. Back then, Korea was a country that was barely known around the world. Then, how could 16 member-nations of the United Nations come to the support of South Korea? To bring about the completion of His final providence, God had to give a period of growth to His only begotten Daughter.

The Christian foundation and people back then did not know of Heaven’s providence. Even though God’s only begotten Daughter had finally been born after 6,000 years, and emerged next to the returning Messiah for whom they had so longed, the Christian foundation remained asleep. Knowing Heaven’s circumstances, I could wait no longer and in 1960 I was elevated to the position of the True Parents.

We are the True Parents. Throughout history, people have lived like orphans who have lost their parents. As a result, not once have we been able to enjoy an era of peace, though we earnestly long for peace. The 6,000-year biblical history has been one of continual war, conflict and great bloodshed. Since God’s creation is to last for eternity, God could not do anything until victorious human ancestors emerged. As the True Parents, we had to guide fallen humanity back to the Heavenly Parent even in the absence of a supportive environment. How did we do that? Without being reborn through True Parents’ Blessing of rebirth and resurrection, people cannot become the children of our Heavenly Parent and Creator. Next year marks the 60th anniversary of this. The now 60-year history of the Blessing, which began from three couples, has given birth to many blessed families in 190 countries of the world.

To find and bring all people of the world, some 7.6 billion people in total, become Heavenly Parent’s children is actually no simple matter. I am approaching my eighties; there is a limit to how much can be done during our life on earth. However, as God’s only begotten Daughter, and the mother of this universe, I will go wherever I am needed.

At the final stage, when we must see the completion of the providence, the only way to solve the different conflicts we face today all together, including religious, ideological, and racial conflicts, is through the emergence of Parents in front of all humanity. If the 200 or more countries of our world can inherit the Parents’ tradition as sibling nations, then the world will become the Kingdom of Heaven on earth that our Heavenly Parent and humanity have so longed for. For this to come about, just as our Creator created one man and woman as our ancestors, the men and women of this fallen world must be reborn as couples through the True Parents. This is the way to becoming children of our Heavenly Parent. Only when the dream of One Great Family under Heavenly Parent comes true can true peace also come about. There can be no more conflicts and wars among the children that attend the Heavenly Parent.

I understand that several chiefs are attending this conference. If you go back down your family line as chiefs, you will find out that we all have one parent. Living as fallen people, not attending Heavenly Parent in our lives, has resulted in the formation of national boundaries and many barriers that prevent us from becoming one. However, the era has changed. It has been seven years since a new history commenced from God’s only begotten Daughter, the True Mother… Seven years of Cheon Il Guk. If all people worldwide become citizens of Cheon Il Guk who attend our Heavenly Parent, all the problems that we worry about will be solved. In particular, know about the hard work of the Prophet Mohammed of Islam. That is why I have many sons among top Muslim leaders.

This movement is a movement that truly attends the Heavenly Parent. It is a movement that seeks to bring about Heavenly Parent’s dream and humanity’s hope of One Great Family under God. From such a perspective, the President of Niger is a wise president. I am confident that many great leaders who truly love peace and their people will emerge from the continent of Africa. We may see out there in the world some children trying to maintain a distance from their father, but they are one body with their mother. Therefore, please remember that the way to receive eternal blessings from Heavenly Parent is to have your nations, and also for all of you here today, become one with God’s only begotten Daughter, who is the mother of the universe. I sincerely pray for the eternal development of Niger and the rest of Africa.

Thank you.

True Mother’s Blessing Prayer

True Mother, gave the following prayer at the Family Renewal Festival for Peace in Niger held at the Palais Des Congrès in Niamey, Niger on November 29, 2019.

Beloved Heavenly Parent, to whom we are truly grateful! You have had to walk such a thorny path to seek out humankind, whom You love, until this day. However, the True Parents, who can complete Your ideal of creation, have finally appeared on earth with the power to guide fallen people into Heavenly Parent’s embrace through the Marriage Blessing. True Parents have had to walk an indescribably difficult path until they establish all people as children whom Heavenly Parent can love directly. You know how we have striven at the center of this vast desert where sandstorms rage to seek the righteous people Heaven has prepared.

In this country where 80 percent of the land is desert, You have prepared these righteous people from a very long time ago to create the environment in which a Blessing Ceremony can be held today. Through this Marriage Blessing, the dream of one family of humanity centered on You, Heavenly Parent, transcending the barriers of religion, race and culture, can be realized. And when those who have been Blessed today are able to stand in the position in which they have fulfilled their responsibilities in front of Heaven—that is, when they have fulfilled their responsibilities as messiahs of their own tribes—this nation will become one that can receive Heaven’s blessing and grace.

True Parents are grateful for this and hope that, through these blessed couples, this country of Niger will become the Heavenly Niger attending Heavenly Parent and become the center of the African continent and its beacon of light and pride. I pray that the blessed couples of these people and this nation will be able to take the lead in establishing the Kingdom of Heaven of freedom, equality, peace, unity and happiness on earth, which is the beautiful garden that You, God, originally created and the dream of humankind. I pray and proclaim this in the name of True Parents.

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