Spain: Cranes Club Gathering

By Samuel Muruzabal, Cranes Club Europe

It was an event organized by Cranes Club Europe on November 30, 2019 in Madrid, to connect people professionally with the same values and goals to make a better and peaceful world. The slogan was ´Spread your ideas. You deserve to be rich inside and out’.

Around a dozen of second and first generation came to participate. We, as well, had a side room for the kids, so parents could participate as well.

We had three speakers. Samuel Muruzábal, Alvit Babi Working at ToGoodToGo a Startups in expansion y Gracia Fehlberg Working at IBM and as a Coach. They spoke an introduction to what is Cranes Club, about changing the world with you company and finding the best job, as the tools to grow yourself personally and professionally.

We also had some time for networking sharing our experiences, knowledge and goals. And time for debate in topics as Education, Personal Growth and Finance. All of this closed with a lunch in a familiar environment with the kids as well.

People really enjoyed the time we had together, sharing thoughts, feelings and desires. We will repeat this kind of event in a regular basis.

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