Spain: Blessing Ceremony

By Maryvonne Jamois, FFWPU Spain

“The family, is the school of love”, was the title of the lecture given by our brother Manuel Campillo at the beginning of our blessing event in Madrid on November 30th, in an hotel in Madrid. Before the lecture we had two pieces of music by Ana María Sanchez, musician, compositor and music therapist.

A brief explanation of the ceremonies were then given by Enrique Sanchez and we proceed to have Holy wine ceremony and Holy Water ceremony. Miguel Calvis and Maryvonne recited the vows and prayed to bless the three couples and three people who came to celebrate this blessing with us.

Giuseppe Cali, our leader from South region who was with us congratulated the new blessed couples, and explained why we are doing this ceremony everywhere in the world, in small ceremonies like this or in very big ceremonies with thousands of couples.

Ana María, who already acompany us in our last blessing expressed so much joy and gratitude through her songs and music. She was so happy to be with us again and she is willing to come again in future blessings.

As usually we finished with the cake cutting and group picture. The blessing ceremony is always very moving and people feel happy.

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