Slovakia: International Day of Human Rights

By Barbara Grabner, UPF Slovakia

To commemorate the UN-International Human Rights Day, UPF Slovakia organized and event on December 10, 2019, with a presentation on “LAOGAI – Gulag Labor Camps in China”. Guest speaker was Peter Zoehrer, executive director of the Vienna based Forum for Religious Freedom Europe (FOREF).

The stirring presentation encompassed the persecution of the Muslim Uyghurs and other religions, the labor camp system, the connection of executions and trading with human organs as well as the newest methods of mind control and manipulation. “The high-tech observation of citizens and the so-called social credit system are going far beyond the horrific scenes described in George Orwell´s novel ‘1984’”, Zoehrer said. He showed maps of the Uyghurs detention camps and recently leaked documents of instructions of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), i.e. “strictly implement measures to prevent escape”. He emphasized that the labor camps violate the Universal Human Rights Declaration (UDHR) “No one shall be held in slavery or servitude” (Article 4).

The persecution of believers varies according to the legal status of the faith. There are only a handful officially accepted religions, but many more strictly regulated faiths and forbidden religions like Falun Gong. A good look behind the curtain gave the video report about Peter Zoehrer’s observations at a staged demonstration in front of the Church of Almighty God church in Seoul. This was a shocking account of China’s long arm that even reaches into sovereign countries, such as Korea. He has made interviews with Christian refugees in Seoul and in Vienna. “The Communist Party is not only persecuting Christians in China, but also harasses them around the globe. It seems the government wages a war against religion”, he says. To give vivid illustration he showed several video-clips including the chilling documentary report “The Hoax“.

At the end a lively Q&A session started, moderated by UPF Secretary General Milos Klas. The participants (33) appreciated the high quality of the lecture and discussion. We sent them links to watch documentaries and interviews to get deeper insights into the topic.

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