Russia: Seminar for Young Blessed Couples

By Galina Chernomorets, FFWPU Eastern Europe

Eight young blessed couples who started family life recently attended a seminar held by the Blessed Families Department of Eastern Europe on December 7 to 8, 2019.

The seminar, which took place on December 7 and 8 in the Moscow Peace Embassy, included talks on “Blessed Family Life Traditions,” “Spousal Intimacy in True Parents’ Teachings,” “Preparing for Good Conception and Birth of a Blessed Child,” “Conflict Solving Methods,” “Raising a Blessed Child in Faith from Birth” and “Mission of Blessed Families” (about the Heavenly Tribal Messiah Providence).

Participants heard many testimonies from elder blessed members; they had the opportunity to ask questions and to receive counseling. Also we reminded them about our young blessed- family patronage program and invited them to select an elder couple to guide them about challenges and issues of their new life, especially during their first year. We pray sincerely for them to realize True Parents’ ideal and their mission.

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